How to Seduce your Wife - Tips and Advice on Seducing the Woman you Love

A marriage begins with the most powerful love; a love that both you and your wife wish to hold on to until both your lives have come to a beautiful united end. But as the marriage grows and develops,  and as more intricacies and responsibilities are introduced, sometimes the roots of that deep intimacy are temporarily forgotten. There's no need to worry though; right now is an ideal time to seduce your wife and renew those old sparks.  

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Seducing your wife starts with the moment you wake up. Men have a tendency to forego the whole warming up process when it comes to being intimate with their wives. But the fact is that putting her in the mood requires more than just jumping into bed with her as the day comes to an end.

A good idea would be to take on some of the household duties that you usually leave for your wife. Wake up a little early and have breakfast prepared for her when she gets up. This will be more than a pleasant surprise for your wife; it will brighten her mood for the whole day, and all thanks to you. Women don't forget things like this quickly. It may not seem extremely difficult or romantic to you, but your wife will see your willingness to take weight off of her shoulders as a wonderfully sweet gesture of love. The pay off is worth more than the effort put in, so to speak. Also try doing laundry, vacuuming the floor, washing dishes, or whatever other types of mundane daily activities that often fall to your wife.

Surprise her with dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant or prepare a candle lit (try to sneakily figure out her favorite scent and buy candles that match) dinner for her at home. These ideas may seem cliché, but the reason they've gotten such a stigma is simply because they work so well. Unless you make a point of creating a romantic atmosphere at dinner on a regular basis then your wife will see it as special, regardless of how many other wives have had similar scenes set for them elsewhere. In reality no wife anywhere views traditional romance as a bad thing. She'll be flattered that you're willing to put effort into producing such exquisite surroundings just for her.

Get a little gift for her at dinner. No need to overdo it; just reward her with something that will have some meaning. Try scrounging up something from your past, like an old photo of the two of you placed into a locket. If you're a decent artist (I find that many people have a knack for drawing relatively attractive pictures that they rarely use) draw or paint her something, like an elaborate heart with her initials inside, or something more personal that will have some inside significance to the two of you, and have it framed. If you're a decent singer write her a song (cheating by passing off an obscure song that you're sure she won't know as your own is also allowed; what's important is that you express your feelings). Women love it when you share your passions with them, so take your hobby, no matter how small, and shape it into something special for your wife. She will appreciate this as she'll feel it brings her closer to you.

As you enjoy your meal together, make a point of telling her all the things about her that keep you so hopelessly and eternally infatuated with her. Remind her of the personality traits that separate her from any other girl you've known. Every woman (true of men as well) has a part of their inner psyche that believes they have an infinite wealth of incomparable qualities to offer, if only someone out there could see deeply enough into their soul to discover them. You can be that person. Tell her why you married her, why you love her, and why you will always love her.

At night's end, move more slowly than you usually would. Open with a back rub, using massaging oils. Talk to her as you're doing this; ask her about work, her friends, her dreams, and her life. Ask her questions that you don't typically ask, but that you believe she will want to talk about. If she inquires as to why you're suddenly so curious, tell her that it's because you love her and you want to know her more deeply. Try holding her hands as you kiss her. Run your fingers through her hair. Touch her in places other than the sexual areas first. Building up sensations slowly can make women go crazy with desire.

When the next morning rolls around and last night's bliss has passed, be sure to leave her something letting her know how much you enjoyed your time with her. A little note or poem with a flower or her favorite candy could work wonders. You don't want her to think you were only out to get in her pants.

Seducing the wife is an art; an art that often finds itself forgotten as marriages plateau and become attached to a routine. The beauty of seduction within a marriage is that it creates a level ecstasy for both partners when done successfully. You'll find yourself swimming in the intimacy that has seemed to fall by the wayside, and your wife will find herself elated to join you for that swim. Rekindling that romantic flame in a marriage is something that should be done often, so make tonight the first of many.