Getting a Tattoo - Should you Get your Lover's Name Tattooed on your Body?

Sporting a tattoo is no longer just about making a fashion statement. Today a tattoo is an essential part of the wearer’s self-image and may even denotes his/her views on life and relationships.  But before you decide to get yourself inked with your partner’s name, here are a few pros and cons to consider.

Contrary to popular perception, tattoos are not a contemporary fashion trend. They have been around since primitive human tribes used decorative body art to represent social status or position within the tribe. Hence the chief or a group of leaders would be allowed to display signs of power through certain symbols on the body. Again they would also act as signifiers of personal achievements like an act of bravery against enemy tribes or wild animals and sometimes even denote personality traits. This is proof that body art has long been an intrinsic part of an individual’s self-image and social status.

While a tattoo no longer marks the social position of a wearer, it continues to be an important means of self-expression in contemporary popular culture. A tattoo can tell the world who you are and what you believe in. It may range from a tiny, barely visible symbol to elaborate designs which cover an entire limb or the torso. Again you can choose from a variety of themes like cultural designs, phrases in any language, popular icons, religious symbols and of course your lover’s name. Depending on how comfortable you are, you could get the tattoo at a place on your body where it is visible to all or where only you and your partner can enjoy it.

Getting your lover’s name tattooed on your body can in fact add a new dimension to your relationship. It could be a romantic way of marking your commitment to your partner and a means of saying that this one is for keeps. Celebrity couples like David and Victoria Beckham or Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon sport tattoos signaling their love for each other.

Again a tattoo adds an unmistakable zing to the relationship, a dash of color to spice things up and heighten the sexual element. This especially works when the tattoo is not visible to all and is at a spot where just you and your partner can view it. So the next time you are stuck for ideas to surprise your lover, why not get his/her name tattooed at a secret place and watch what it does for your love life!

However getting a tattoo is also associated with certain health risks and it is better to be aware of them so that you can take an informed decision. The usual method followed in most tattoo parlors is to use a hollow needle to inject colored dye below the skins’ surface. This fills in a pre-selected design with tiny dots of color till a visible pattern emerges. The risk here is primarily related to the needle with which a tattoo artist may work on you. If the needle has already been used on someone carrying a blood-borne infection, then you stand the risk of being exposed to diseases like Hepatitis B and even AIDS. At the same time, if the needle is infected with localized or air-borne germs, it could leave you prey to certain skin diseases and even lead to blood poisoning. So get your tattoo done only from a place where you can be sure of sterile and hygienic conditions.

A skin tattoo is a designed to last but you may find that after a year the colors begin to fade. This is an indication that it is time for a touch-up if you want the tattoo to remain bright and prominent. Regular touch-ups might be inconvenient for many, not to mention the cost and time involved in these regular sessions.

A far more relevant question to consider before getting your lover’s name tattooed on your body is what if the relationship comes to an end? A permanent reminder of an ex might be distressing to carry about when you are doing your best to forget the person. And should you happen to find another lover, the display of an ex’s name at an intimate spot on your body might be embarrassing, to say nothing of what it will do to a budding relationship.

Even if you are certain that this relationship is for keeps, consider whether it is a practical thing to have your lover’s name tattooed on your body. It is highly likely that you may get bored of the design or of the mere fact that you have a tattoo. Again most workplaces have strict rules on displaying skin designs – you may either have to cover yourself up or stay away from certain work relationships like direct handling of clients. Finally tattoos may not retain their initial charm with the passing of years. As you grow older and your skin begins to hang loose, tattoos may not look as attractive as they used to.

Even though removal of tattoos is possible it is usually a quite difficult procedure. Only specialized tattoo artists can undertake the delicate task of removing tattoos which involves having the dye taken out from beneath your skin. The process is time-consuming and expensive but most of all rather painful since it may leave you with blisters and scabs which may even develop into scars.

A mid way between the pros and cons of inking yourself is to settle for a temporary tattoo. There is a whole range of options here ranging from stick-on tattoos that can be peeled off to metal cuff armbands which are made to look like the real thing. A yet more attractive form of body art is henna which gives an exotic look and washes off after a few days.

Finally remember that some states have laws on minimum age for body modification procedures like tattooing and body-piercing. If you are not the right age, you will have to wait, whether or not you think tattooing your lover’s name on your body is a good idea.