Commitment and monogamy

Getting married to someone in the army

Life in the army can be extremely challenging not only for serving personnel but also for their families. So many things that are taken for granted in civilian life, for instance career, stability and family support, become difficult to sustain when living as a military spouse. So if you are planning to get married to someone in the army, consider the following aspects before you go ahead.

A wedding is a very special occasion in the life of a couple. Sometimes the marriage is short-lived and very soon, the couple is knocking on the doors of the divorce court. But when a marriage survives and the couple continues to enjoy years of wedded bliss, it is surely an occasion to celebrate all over again. And often, the couple feels the need to renew the vows they once made to each other. It is probably a reaffirmation as well as a thanksgiving perhaps, for still being together and growing stronger.

The much-lampooned image of a husband seeking cover behind a bunch of flowers after having forgotten a wedding anniversary or his wife’s birthday may not seem so funny to a spouse who has been at the receiving end of such forgetfulness. While there may be genuine reasons why a spouse’s birthday slips out of a husband’s mind, it still does not take away the hurt experienced by the wife. Here are a few things you can do when your husband forgets about the most important day of your life.

Mature relationships are all about giving each other the space to develop individual friendships and interests. But what if this involves your partner wanting to catch up with his/her ex every other weekend? Here are a few tips on how you to stay calm and positive even when your partner wants to remain in touch with an ex.

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Are you fed up of waiting for your man to decide whether or not he wants you in a long term relationship? If so, take heart in the fact that you are not alone.

Men are constantly being told to show greater appreciation for their wives, if they want a happy marriage. And yet, in many cases, they are clueless on how to keep it up once they have finished with their declaring their love and complimenting their spouse’s looks.

‘Falling in love’ is a powerful phrase in today’s culture. It’s the subject of many a movie, play, television serial and many many many a romance novel. Naturally, this phrase is open to interpretation and means different things to different people. While its meaning varies, so do the circumstances which cause us to ‘fall in love’. Moreover, each stage of a romance has it stages, each stage unique and wonderful, but distinct and real nonetheless.

What if your relationship with your boyfriend has become an integral part of your life, a characteristic of your identity, then you suddenly discover that your boyfriend whom you had begun to love is cheating on you. It is extremely difficult and furthermore painful to deal with this bitter truth. This boyfriend, who left no stone unturned to express his ‘undying’ love for you was actually repeating the same words to another girl! The first and foremost thought that may enter your mind on discovering your boyfriend’s deceitful side is to walk out of the relationship.

A healthy relationship is not just about acquiring your woman’s love and affection. A relationship can sustain all the ups and downs in life if there is an equal amount of love, sharing and respect for each other. The most basic rule or necessity of a relationship is mutual tolerance and respect. When you live with someone or have been dating your woman for a long time, she should be tuned in to your needs and moods and understand the way in which you function.

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You fell in love at first sight. Or maybe it was just attraction. You’ve been seeing her for a month, a year, a decade. All relationships evolve gradually. Some meet in college, date for some time and although young, they somehow know that they’re going to be together for life. Others meet at work or through friends and family. As the relationship deepens and matures, partners start making concrete decisions about whether they want to spend a lifetime together.


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