Money Problems in a marriage - How not to let money issues destroy your marriage

Together with sex and infidelity, money issues rank among the most common reasons for conflict in a marriage. Money may be used to dominate a relationship or satisfy a hungry ego. Too little of it can be a source of anxiety especially when there are children to be educated and mortgages to be paid off. Again too much of it can also lead to inflated egos and breaking bonds. Here are a few ways to deal with money issues and not to let them destroy your marriage.

Emotional abuse is the secret bane of our society. It is difficult to name or even talk about. Often the victim does not realize that he/she is being abused. If they do talk about it, the extent of their pain may not be taken seriously. Unlike physical violence, it does not leave any visible scars.

In today’s age, where stress builds up faster than water in a glass, everyone is looking for a companion. While some find their better halves online and by speed dating, there are those who opt for traditional yet reliable means of finding their perfect partners. These are people who adopt pets. While loneliness may not be the compelling factor for them to make that choice, they do not deny enjoying the company of a pet. Some people are habituated to having pets, some carry them across borders when they move out and some adopt them from shelters.

There may any number of reasons which bring two people into a relationship – they may be physically drawn to each other, they may share common interests or they may be attracted to each other’s personality, however different from their own. But the core of any successful relationship is made of certain common building blocks like love, trust and respect for each other.

Dating often brings a boy and a girl closer, closer not in terms of physical proximity but in terms of emotional proximity. Such an intimacy can be achieved if you and your date share certain values, move in the same general direction in life and have certain personal qualities you feel are important for your future spouse to possess. There have been several instances where couples have been set up by a friend or a well-wisher with a hope that someday, the girl can meet the man who can become her husband.

You met someone you really liked and actually hit it off. It could have been at the local pub, at a party or your friend introduced you. The sparks flew and you actually plucked up the nerve to ask for her number. And what’s more, she gave it to you. Now it’s the next day and you’re wondering when you should make that call. Or what you should say. Should you seem eager and call straight off or play it cool? You don’t want to seem too desperate, but you don’t want the moment to pass either. Read on for the top ten tips to make that first phone call and get it right.

Good communication is very integral to a successful relationship. Those who share a good communication process tend to enjoy a deep and loving relationship. Yet many couples today face the problem of poor communication and it is one of the main reasons for conflict and high divorce rates in society today.

Signs that Your Wife has Lost Respect for You

Men and women communicate differently. Men are in particular strong, silent types who do not express feelings easily. Women chat endlessly with girlfriends but men clamp up even with their girlfriends. Men are never found crying over anyone’s shoulders or discussing their problems in too much length. Women love expressing their feelings at great length and depth.

Communication is a two-way street. It is not only about talking and vocalizing feelings. An equal and important part of communication is also listening. And we all know that for communication to be truly effective, either between friends, partners or colleagues, both individuals in a relationship must participate more or less equally in talking and listening.


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