Social conversation is not as difficult as is made out to be. Remember all your present friends were strangers before you met them and that there is always a first encounter for every relationship.  So if you are terrified of being tongue-tied, here are a few tips on how to talk to someone you have just met or been introduced to.

A common complaint marriage counselors come across from women is that their husbands “just won’t talk” to them. Curiously enough, these very husbands might have been scintillating conversationists during the early days of dating and marriage. So what really makes men go through a “near deaf experience” when their wives  want to share something with them and how to deal with a husband who simply won’t talk to you.

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Most couples who have been married for quite some time, begin to feel that they know everything that there is to know about their spouses. But really, how much do you know about the person you wake up next to, every morning? Details about family, work, personality and dreams of the future may remain unknown to even the most loving of spouses. Having a limited knowledge of your partner’s past may not foretell a crisis in your marriage, but an awareness of likes and dislikes, ambitions and anxieties, may enable you to understand him or her better.

Communication, they say, is the key to a successful marriage.

Even after a long courtship, couples seem to have arguments about the most basic things like finances, children, chores, etc. So often you’ve heard your wife say “You never told me about this” or your husband sarcastically remark “Oh I wish I had known about that before”. Now even if they are joking, there are some things that if not discussed before marriage can become an argument, a bone of contention or even a crisis.  

An abusive relationship is possibly the worst kind of situation anyone can get caught in his/her personal life. This is partly because getting out of such a relationship seems so difficult - the victim is often depleted of all self-worth and self-confidence and seems incapable to make a move out. If you find yourself in such a situation, recognize it for what it is with the help of these ten signs.

One of the best parts about having a baby is when you get to tell your husband that you are pregnant. Besides ushering in one of the most significant phases of your relationship, the moment is one of unspeakable joy, intimacy and your shared hopes for the future. Here are a few creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant and send him reeling from excitement.

Getting married is one of the most blessed experiences in life. This is because of the emotions of deep love, security and abiding loyalty that you can look forward to in the relationship. And yet there are few more traumatic experiences as being in a marriage which conceals lies, deceit and half-truths. Should you then know everything about someone’s past before walking down the aisle with him/her?

Health issues

A miscarriage is one of the most devastating experiences that a woman can go through. The grief at the loss of a new life is immense and so is the physical trauma that her body suffers. At such times, a woman needs all the care and understanding that her husband can give her. But many times, he has no clue where to begin and how to proceed. Here is a brief guide on how to help your wife deal with a miscarriage and cope emotionally as well as physically.

Be there physically

Fights are not uncommon in a relationship. No matter how much two people love each other, they are never going to feel exactly the same way about every single thing in their relationship – indeed this is not even humanly possible, unless those two are scientific clones of one another. However it is important to fight fair – that is seeking to air out differences with the purpose of resolving them and not merely to ‘win’ an argument or insult the other person. To do this, make sure you never say the following ten things during a fight.

Remember the first time your partner called you by a cutesy pet name and your heart skipped a beat? Few things are as endearing in a relationship as knowing that you are special enough to your partner to be called by a pet name. And yet there are certain aspects to the practice which can complicate matters or just make things awkward between you two. So here are a few things to keep in mind before using a pet name in a relationship.


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