How to Meet, Date and Keep the Man of your Dreams

 How to Meet, Date and Keep the Man of your Dreams

If you're bored of guys looking for frivilous relationships and want a dependable man with whom you can have a stable long term relationship, this book gives you an insght into it. It covers:

Mohan Deep Interview - 'I have sold 125,000 virgins so far'

“I have sold 125,000 virgins so far,” says Mohan Deep, the author of "The Five Foolish Virgins" and “Eurekha”. In a more interesting second part of interview with Namrata Arora the controversial author whose latest book "The Five Foolish Virgins" is flying off the shelves makes some interesting observations about the depiction of sex in his novel, why does he think that Sanjay Leela Bhansali ‘murdered’ “Devdas”  and tells us how a top Bollywood actor sold his feel-good book as a part of Diwali hampers.

Mohan Deep Interview - 'All My Women are Strong Characters'

“All my women are strong characters,” says Mohan Deep, author of "The Five Foolish Virgins" in an exclusive interview with Namrata Arora.

"The Five Foolish Virgins" is making waves. People are talking about it. They can’t get enough of it. They wish the book didn’t end. They want more of it. There is talk of a second edition. We bring you an exclusive interview with Mohan Deep.

An Interview with Mohan Deep, the Author of 'The Five Foolish Virgins'

"Sabotage of a Bollywood movie has figured for the first time in an Indian novel" says Mohan Deep, the author of The Five Foolish Virgins in an exclusive interview with

What romantic fiction for women can teach you about seducing a woman

Romantic fiction is written almost exclusively by women and for women. Such novels usually have a female character as the protagonist and are concerned with women - their relations in family, love and marriage, their place in society and the world and their dreams for the future. Critics might point out that they're exclusively heterosexual, practically always white and have impossible situations as plot lines; even so, for men looking to seduce women, romantic fiction may offer valuable lessons.

Meet mother-daughter duo who publish books on 'erotic romance'

New York, May 11 (ANI): Talking about sex with your mum can be awkward, but for Patty Marks and Tina Engler, it’s the family business.

World's oldest romantic novelist Ida Pollock pens 124th book at 105

London, Apr 30 (ANI): World's oldest romantic novelist Ida Pollock has released her 124th book at age of 105.

Pollock has written 123 books full of adventure, passion and heartbreak including White Heat, Mountain of Dreams, Love in the Afternoon and The Man Who Came Back.

10 Classical Romance Books

Romance as a literary genre has had a long and complex history. At the outset of its evolution in medieval times, it dramatized serious moral and political issues through its allegory as well as psychological and theological complexities through its symbolism; around this time, it was a place of knights, dragons, quests, magic, spells, wizards, heroic deeds and idealized love. With the advent of advent of the bourgeois mode of realism in eighteenth century novel, romance lost much of its appeal and began to seem out-dated. However the excessive materialism and realism of modern age brought back the charm of romance mainly in two subgenres, the Gothic novel and the historical novel.

'50 Shades' scoops best fiction book prize

London, December 5 (ANI): 'Fifty Shades of Grey' author EL James, who was expected to be among the prizes at the Bad Sex in Fiction Award presented by the Literary Review, did not face any further derision for her "mummy porn" at the ceremony.

My sex scenes make my wife laugh out loud, says John Grisham

London, Nov. 10 (ANI): John Grisham realised that he can never write erotic fiction after his wife once burst into laughter after reading a steamy raunchy scene that he wrote for one of his novels.

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