eHarmony dating review

On eHarmony, you can communicate only with those who eHarmony has determined to be compatible with you and they need to be paid members. While this may seem somewhat limiting, it ensures that the people you're communcating with, take your profile more seriously because of various reasons.

eHarmony is one of the rare dating sites where women outnumber men. Women traditionally are always looking to get married and settle down while men have been known to be more polygamous than women. This explains why, a website that is targeted at those looking for serious relationships, has fewer men as members.

eHarmony makes use of their proprietary technology to help you create a personality profile and then matches you with those who complement your personality. It's an active matchmaker rather than a passive one. This is not a site where you can just go about searching for someone to date and drop them a line.

You can sign up for free with eHarmony by clicking any of the links below for your country - USA, Canada or Australia. It doesn't cost anything to get a free trial of their services. You don't have to part with your credit card details and it takes just a few minutes. Periodically eHarmony offers discount coupons for their dating services and we update this page whenever there are such coupons available.

These are coupons for eHarmony USA and Canada valid upto December 31, 2014. Signing up is always free at eHarmony and takes a few minutes. You can choose whether to upgrade to a paid membership.

eHarmony coupons valid upto December 31, 2014. Yes, these coupons are valid right up to the end of 2014!

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Members are shown only the profiles that match with their own, as per eHarmony's technology and eHarmony tells them you're a good match for them. They know you're a paid member and this makes you a more serious prospect. They know you took the trouble of filling out the long questionaires of eHarmony.

When you're a paid member, you can ask for communication with any of the matches. If the match agrees, then you go through a three-step process before you can send them mail.

There is a way to skip this process by asking for 'Fast Track'. This doesn't cost anything and is a simple request. (We don't recommend Fast Tracking, more on that in a while.) The process includes:

The First Step

This has multiple choice questions. You're expected to select five personality/character/relationship-oriented, multiple-choice questions from a list that you're shown. This is then sent to the other person to answer. They do the same and you're expected to answer their questions.

The Second Step

You need to pick from a list the traits that you expect your partner to have and the traits in your partner that you wouldn't be able to stand. You also need to provide three "open-ended" questions that the other person will answer. You can select from a list of questions provided to you or write your own question.

You can now communicate freely with your partner. Remember, a paid member of can only communicate with another paid member. If a person is a paid member and the partner they're matched with is a free member, they cannot communicate. eHarmony costs $59.95 a month and is more expensive compared to most other dating sites.

So it's possible that you may find a match but the person may not pay the membership fee and you may not be able to communicate. As a free member, you'll receive matches with paid members, up to a maximum of 10, which is the limit for free members.

Although eHarmony is a trifle expensive compared to other dating sites, it's easier to find dates on eHarmony because of the way it works. We recommend you sign up for an initial free membership and then upgrade to paid when you get suitable matches. A last tip is that sometimes delaying upgrading to a paid membership also works in your favour because ever so often, eHarmony will send you a coupon that gives you a generous discount off their regular monthly fee. Sign up for their free trial at .