American Singles dating review

American Singles has millions of members from the United States and Canada. At last count, it had over 7 million members. This is better than any other dating site claiming even 20 million members, because American Singles is limited to those from the United States and Canada.

Signing up with American Singles takes less than 3 minutes. They have many people with photo profiles and extensive profiles. When you sign up with American Singles, they initially ask you to fill out your height, weight, age and zip code. Then you're asked to describe yourself and the sort of person you're looking for. This seems like most other dating sites but the next section is what sets it apart from other dating sites.

They make it very convenient for you by giving you options which you can choose. American Singles makes an effort to determine your personality profile while taking up minimal time.

UPDATE: American Singles is now known as Click here to sign up at

The questions (most of which are optional) that you're asked include:

How would you best describe your personality type? Here they give you a list of characteristics and you're asked to check whatever you think applies to you. There are 30 to choose from including Romantic, Sensitive/Nurturing/Loving, Earthy, Conservative/Clean-Cut and many more.

After this you can check mark the 'Physical Activities' you go for. Choose from 31 activities including Rock Climbing, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating and 27 others.

Then you're asked other optional questions including:

  • What do you like doing in your free time?
  • Where do you like to go in your free time?
  • What types of food do you enjoy?
  • What are you favorite types of music?
  • What do you like to read?

All of these questions have options you can click and move on. Choose what applies best to you. You're encouraged to write about your expectations from a relationship and your idea of a perfect date, but this again is optional.

After this, you can then upload your photos. We strongly recommend you upload at least one clear picture. Photo profiles on American Singles, as on most other sites get a much better response compared to profiles without photos. You can add your photo later if you don't have one scanned right away, but make sure you do add it!

Meet millionaire men and women from North America and Europe looking for someone to date

Now comes the searching for members. The popularity of American Singles can be gauged from the fact that there were over 17,000 members searching at the time we searched and this was at 3 AM in the morning, NY time!

Using their advanced search, you can search for members by zip code, members with or without photos. You can filter by marital status, religion, ethnicity, drinking and smoking habits and more. American Singles is one dating web site where you can send single line messages without upgrading to a paid membership. You can even chat with others without being a member.

While overall experiences with successful dating at American Singles have been mixed, what almost everyone agrees on is that the number of members with American Singles are huge. With seven million members plus, you could find your soul mate here. Give it a try and let us know your experiences. Sign up for a free trial with American Singles .