Zoosk Dating Review

Zoosk is a dating site which launched in 2007 and has since sky-rocketed in popularity, now toting a monstrous membership of over 50 million people spread across the world. Recently Zoosk has been getting more hype than ever with television commercials, a close knit link to the ever popular Facebook, and numerous testimonials from those who have found love through its services. So what's all the buzz about? Here's a look at the good and the bad of Zoosk.

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Zoosk is somewhat of a unique dating site in that it's integrated into many social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook, Myspace, Friendster and others. As such, people using Zoosk through the Facebook application, for example, can seamlessly interact with those using Zoosk through the Myspace application. This has played a big role in Zoosk's total membership growing so rapidly over the last few years. You can create an account directly through Zoosk's official website of course, but being able to use it as an application and in conjunction with your social networking site or sites of choice can make for one less necessary step when you're browsing the internet. This efficiency is quite convenient. Using a social networking site alongside Zoosk can save you time when initially creating your profile too, as you can pull information from the profile you've already created.

Zoosk has a very colorful and attractive layout. It's a bit on the cartoonish side but at the same time it doesn't overwhelm you with neon colors or chaotic backgrounds. It's simply appealing to the eyes and doesn't have an overly professional or sophisticated look, which gives the whole site somewhat of a laid back, casual and carefree atmosphere. Basically it follows the layout blueprints of social networking sites more so than those of most dating websites. All pages load very quickly and the Zoosk logo is appealing as well.

Site navigation on Zoosk is a cinch. The bar on the top makes doing whatever you choose to do very simple and obvious. If you have any experience with either dating or social networking sites at all then there won't be a learning curve for you when it comes to figuring out how to use the site. Searching for other users on Zoosk is very easy. Just click search and take a look at all that your area has to offer. You can filter your search down to specify age, religion, political affiliation and more. One function that searching on Zoosk doesn't allow for is the ability to only browse those who are currently online, which is annoying as these people are always your best bets for getting quick replies. Zoosk also doesn't tell you when a member was last online so it's hard to even manually check who's actively using the site and who's not. It does let you know if someone's been “recently online” but doesn't specify exactly what that means. This is a frustrating aspect of searching for people on the site and I would consider it to be a pretty significant flaw of Zoosk on the whole. Once you've found someone who interests you, you can send them a wink, a message, a virtual gift, a friend request or a chat request. The instant messenger within the site is handy as this allows for a nice real time conversation without having to shell out your number or ask for a number while crossing your fingers that you get a positive response right from the get go. Browsing through members on Zoosk is extremely fast; you can literally send 40 winks to 40 different people in five minutes, and in the realm of internet dating, this is ideal.

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Creating a profile is pretty efforless. You cover the essentials, such as age, height and relationship status and then make your “date card”, which consists of your story, your perfect date, and your ideal match. As with most dating sites, you'll garner more attention with more elaborate, articulate, charming or funny profiles than you will with “I just love to have fun!” and the like. You can only upload six photos, which is what it is; I think they should probably allow for at least ten or twelve but this isn't really a major issue. The “ice breakers” feature of the profile is pretty cool; basically you can create some questions on your profile (ie “what would you do if you had a billion dollars?”) and people who visit your page can answer the question as a way of initiating a conversation, as opposed to just sending a message that says “you're cute”. Overall I'd say the profile setup on this site is quite good.

You can create your account for free and send winks and messages but it's really annoying trying to actually communicate with people while you have the non-paid membership. Without paying, you aren't able to respond to winks and messages, so it pretty much turns into a dead end of sorts. In reality you'll probably become frustrated trying to use Zoosk to meet people if you don't have a paid membership, so I wouldn't consider this a free dating website even though you can try to use it as such. It is convenient being able to sign up for free, do some browsing, and see just what kinds of people are around before ponying up to talk to them though. You can send messages and winks as a free user and see who replies as well, so Zoosk does do a nice job of allowing you to test the waters before you pay. If you get tons of return winks and messages from the people you're most interested in before you ever pay, then buying a membership won't be such a shot in the dark as it is with some other dating sites. The price of membership is $29.95 for one month, $59.85 for three months, and $119.88 for twelve months. Zoosk's prices are pretty reasonable in comparison to other sites though it'd still be hard to call them incredibly inexpensive.

All in all I'd have to say Zoosk is a pretty good website based on the massive membership alone. Dating through the internet is ultimately a numbers game and Zoosk offers up the numbers necessary to find someone you're interested in. The interface on the whole is solid, the site looks very good, and everything you want to do is right at your fingertips. With its connection to social networking, I really do see this as the dating site of the future.