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Dating has taken a whole new dimension with the plethora of dating and matchmaking sites on the internet. Reasons for their popularity include an unprecedented opportunity to come across a wide range of potential dates as well ease of communicating through chat, video and similar tools. is one such dating website which offers its clients the very best of online dating options.

The most significant feature of is perhaps the background check that the site claims to perform on all its members to weed out those who have been charged with a felony conviction in United States or who are lying about their marital status. To this end, runs the name of each of its member against one of the largest criminal databases on the Internet, to see if they have a felony or sexual offense conviction recorded against them. Secondly the checks the marital status of each of its members against public records in the United States so that married members cannot represent themselves as singles on the site.  While neither of these steps is foolproof, they do go a long way in providing a safer dating environment for its members.

TIP: We recommend for USA dating and Match Affinity for UK dating. is predominantly targeted towards users in United States and Canada even though it has an ‘International’ option too for its members. Currently the site has over a million members. Among the relationship options open for members of are dating only, dating or long-term potential and long-term only. Moreover its members can also choose from relationship types like heterosexual, gay, lesbian or bisexual. All these options make the site a fairly liberal one which caters to users of varying location, backgrounds, sexual orientations as well as relationship preferences.

Getting Started with is easy and free. In order to sign up with the site, a person needs to provide basic personal information like gender, gender of a potential date, birthday, screen name, password, email, country and zip code. There are an additional five questions grouped under the heading ‘About Me & Who I’d Like’ which a member needs to answer in order to reveal more about him/her and the kind of person he/she is looking for. The first of these question deal with the kind of a relationship the member is seeking and the age range of a potential date. The second elaborate on the physical characteristics of the prospective date like hair color and body type while the third have to do with religious, ethnic and linguistic background of the members as well as the person he/she is looking for. The fourth and fifth questions deal with educational and occupational information as well as relationship status respectively. has a wide range of tools which not only offer value added services to its members but also makes navigating across the site much easier. One of its special features is the Compatibility Test. Approved by renowned resource of psychological issues, Psychology Today, this highly sophisticated compatibility Test firstly enables its users to come with a detailed profile of their own personalities, including an assessment of those values and factors that determine success in both short and long-term relationships. Secondly the compatibility test based on the member’s profile also creates the profile of an ideal partner who would be most suited to the member’s personality. Other than these, the results of the compatibility test also include detailed advice useful for improving present and future relationships of the member. By identifying ninety-nine factors for successful relationships, this test will not only help a member to know more about their own selves but also bring them that much closer to an ideal partner.

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Among the viewing tools offered by are member profiles and photos while members can communicate with each other by mails, voice messages and live chat which has a video option as well. However access to some of the above features may depend on the kind of membership plan that one subscribes to.

As far as the search tools offered by are concerned members have the option of choosing from the basic ones like quick search and advanced search. Other than these, members can also look for potential dates with the help of keywords and ‘my compatibles’. The latter search option will look for a match only from those profiles which have been found compatible with that of the member on the basis of the site’s Compatibility Test.

On the whole, the site design and tools of offer pleasant viewing, quick search as well as easy navigation across its pages. There are other helpful links like a site map as well as FAQ section.

Like many other dating websites, signing up with is free but only for a seven day trial period. After seven days, the site holds the right to deduct membership charges from the credit card of the member. During the free seven-day trial period, a member can create a profile, get started, add photos, conduct basic searches, look who is online as well as add names under a favorite list. However for important facilities like communicating with other members and viewing additional photos, a person would need to become a paid member. The membership plans offered by as of present are:

    * 1 month at $49.99 per month.
    * 3 months for $79.99, this is less than $27 a month.
    * 6 Months for $129.99, this is less than $22 a month.

Users can cancel their membership by calling the site’s customer care number quickly and easily.

Overall, seems to be a reliable dating website chiefly on account of the purported background checks it runs on its members. Moreover the website is a member of the BBB Reliability Online Program. offers its members an enjoyable yet effective way to look for potential dates and in fact also runs its own online dating magazine titled True U magazine.