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The arrival of the internet has dramatically changed not only how people work and shop but how they live and love as well. Dating websites are a boon for the contemporary singles who want to reach out to a far wider range of potential partners but cannot afford to waste time on unsuitable dates. is one such site which offers its members a surfeit of options when it comes to dating and relationships.

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This is a relatively new site launched by the people behind, a far more popular US dating website. primarily targets users from United Kingdom even though it has options for people from other international locations to sign up as well. This online dating portal is predominantly targeted toward singles looking for a lasting relationship. Married people and those interested in casual or adult dating are not encouraged to become its members. The response has been excellent, as we know from our readers.

Signing up with is free and quite simple. All one needs to do is follow step-by-step an easy five-level process. The first of this involves creating one’s unique username and password with basic personal information regarding age, gender, location and the like. The second step deals with taking the affinity test which is the highlight of the website. This test not only gives the member a fairly accurate idea about his/her own personality but also comes up with a list of suggested matches who would be best suited for the member - areas which make up the third and fourth step respectively of the signing up process. The fifth and final step of getting started allows the new member to choose a potential match and send the first message which is free.

An essential part of signing up with involves taking the site’s ‘affinity test’ which is actually a comprehensive personality assessment. According to the website, it has been put together by a ‘team of psychologists specialized in psychometrics and the dynamics of personal relationships’. The affinity test consists of ninety-seven questions which deal with areas like values, opinions, personality and expectations of the member. The test is supposed to be based on seventy-one psychological criteria ranging from fundamental values to views on family life. The affinity test serves two basic purposes. On one hand, it allows a member to get his/her own comprehensive personality report. All reports are stored within the MatchAffinity databases and compared against each other, so that a member’s values, outlook on life and unique personality traits get to be weighed up against those of a potential match. This brings to the second purpose of the affinity test, namely the profile of an ideal partner for that particular personality type as well as a list of suitable matches based on a similarity percentage between that particular member and every other member in the MatchAffinity community.

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The main advantage of the Match Affinity Test is that it allows a member to weed out incompatible matches and focus on those potential partners who might share his/her way of thinking even before having any contact with them. This helps one to avoid nasty surprises in actual interaction, for instance a music lover may find a potential date assuming that Wagner is a kind of car model.

Only member profiles makes up the basic viewing option on this site since to view photos of potential matches one needs to be a paid member.  However MatchAffinity users find it relatively to create their own profiles since many of the relevant questions are already covered in the affinity test. Besides this the ability to compare profiles makes it less important for members to come up with witty introductions on their profiles. However that option is also open for those who have the knack for coming up with cool and original descriptions. Basic members can upload their photos and can even choose whether to make them clearly visible to all or only to selected members. However this option cuts both ways since a member may not be allowed to see clear photos of other potential matches.

Among the search options open to a member are quick as well as advanced, of which the latter gives one an opportunity to narrow down a search according to specific terms. While the results of the searches all come up with their compatibility scores, one cannot sort out results on the basis of that score. Other than these, the system has its method of listing the most suitable matches for a member according to the results of the affinity test. However the results throw up a long list of names with only their ages and occupations mentioned so that it is up to the member to do the sifting to arrive at the most preferred matches.

As far as communication tools are concerned, the first step needs to be taken by the member in the form of sending an email. Or he/she can hope to be picked out by someone whose profiles he/she has visited and liked, since the site shows who have visited a particular member’s profile. Also a member has the option to ‘like’ or ‘unlike’ a profile which means that the preferred profiles will appear in the member’s favorite list as well as intimate the other person that his/her profile has been ‘liked’. The major downside in communication tools is that neither live chat nor video messaging options are available. offers its members the option of video coaching which includes general tips on creating a profile as well as dos and don’ts of online dating. However the telephone coaching is a much more personalized service even though available only to paid members and in return of a small fee.

Like most other dating sites, registration with is free. Among other facilities included in the free membership are browsing as well as sending the first message to a preferred match. However if a member wishes to view photos of potential matches or communicate on a proper basis, he/she would need to go for paid membership. One can choose from various kinds of membership plans at

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Payment options for subscription include cheque and credit card or debit card, either online from the site or by phone via the site payments team. does not have the facility of running background check on its members for verification of age or marital status. However certain features like the option to block unwanted contact or to decide who can view a member’s photos ensure a degree of online privacy and security.

Overall, is pretty much built around its Affinity Test which is an efficient as well as fun way to know about one’s own personality as well as the profile of an ideal partner