dating review is a website run by the same people who run Signing up with them is free. Their sign up process is really interesting. You'll be asked to answer several questions. You'll probably have fun just signing up for because some of their questions will intrigue you as you put them to yourself. Apart from regular questions like whether you have siblings and how you spend yor Saturdays there are some really unusual ones like one where you're shown pictures of four people and asked to choose which one you think has a phony smile. Another one is where you're shown the cover of a book and asked to choose a title from four options - which one is most apt. There are also some flash games that they ask you to takes less than a minute playing them. Coupons

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When providing information about the sort of person you're looking for, you get a dial which you can adjust to indicate how important a particular aspect of the profile is to you, ranging from 'not important at all' to 'very important'. So if the person's income is not important you can have it set to 'not important at all'. At the end of it all, you'll be given your personality profile and a list of singles within the area you've chosen. You will be able to view complete profiles without upgrading to a paid membership. Only when you find someone you want to get in touch with, you have the option of paying the membership fee.

Every day, will send you mail with a list of profiles which have matched with your requirements. You get five profiles a day. This is quite different from most other dating services which send dozens of irrelevant matches. makes an effort to get their members to meet in person if they're open to the idea. Membership costs $49.95 for a month or $100 for three months or $160 for six months. Get a free trial with >