The Ashley Madison Agency review

The Ashley Madison Agency is one of the very few sites which brings together people who want to two-time their partners. They've got a lot of flak for playing cupid. You'll find people running them down, holding them responsible for breaking marriages. Many purists and conservative people believe marriage is a sacred institution and this is sacrilege. How can an agency help someone cheat on their spouse. Well, cheating is really nothing new. Since time began men and women have been looking outside their marriage for fulfiling their needs. Mistresses and paramours have been part of life, since time began. It's not something Ashley Madison thought up.

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So while Ashley Madison may shock some people, (yawn!! what else is new?), it doesn't do anything to us. It's time to find out whether they do indeed deliver on their claims.

Dating sites are always claiming that among their members, women outnumber men. Let's face it. This is a claim NO dating agency will ever be able to live up to. Women get laid because they want to. Men get laid because someone is available. Tradtionally men have been the hunters and women have been the hunted. It's silly and unrealsitic to expect as many women to put up their profiles on a dating web site as men. In trying to keep the delusion alive by keeping an equal balance of male-female profiles, dating agencies go out of their way to attract women to their site, advertising their site heavily, targetting women in large numbers. Besides, does it really matter whether a dating web site has two million profiles or 42,345 profiles or even 12,353 profiles? How many women can you handle at a time anyway? We found hundreds of female profiles within 20 miles of a NY suburb and eventually got tired of clicking the unending profiles.

When you sign up with Ashley Madison, you can specify if you're looking for a short-term relationship, something long term or a cyber affair or an erotic chat or you're not sure and open to several possibilites. You can specify whether you're single or attached and whether you're looking for someone single or attached. You can also specify if you want mail from them, welcoming you or informing you of new matches. You can also be optionally notified when someone in your area signs up or when someone in your favorites list logs on. If you don't want any of these mails or notifications, you can just uncheck the box and you won't get them. Getting notified when someone in your favorites list logs on is a specially useful feature. So is knowing that someone staying close to where you are, is a new member.

Initial sign up with Ashley Madison is free but has limitations like with most online dating websites. If you choose to upgrade to a paid membership, you can get unlimited messaging facilities to get in touch with other members or have them get in touch with you, without any limitations. You can also schedule meeting them outside of the dating network. Given their image as an extra marital affairs dating web site, you may not want 'Ashley Madison' to show up on your credit card statement. They also accept electronic checks, cashiers checks, international money orders and Western Union payments.

Ashley Madison has been covered on Fox news, CNN - Paula Zahn Now, CBS Sunday Morning and several other shows. This visibility, coupled with their advertising has given them a large visibility and they have over 140,000 members. Considering the initial sign up is free, what have you got to lose? Sign up with Ashley Madison.