review features promotional offers from time to time Signing up initially is aways free and they offer a seven day premium membership trial. When you sign up, you have to specify if you're male or female and if you're transgendered. The sign up form on is very short and intutive. You can then optionally fill out more details and add your picture. discount coupon
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Click here to activate the coupon - membership base and the features has a large membership base. and is like a community gay portal. When we were online, early morning, USA Pacific time, over 15,000 people were online! has sections on health, entertainment, travel, style, families, news, business & careers etc. Searching for profiles with pictures of gay men between 18 and 30 in New York city, we found hundreds of matches. You can view complete profiles of gay members even if you have a free membership. Next to each profile is mentioned whether the person is a free or a premium member. You can bookmark profiles or block them. You can also add people to your buddy list or hot list. Profiles can have some pictures visible to all and some 'private' pictures visible only to those, the member wants, show see them. is clearly not prudish as they will let you pose in the buff and post your pictures. No restrictions there! The profile will be marked as 'adult' however and you can make these pictures 'private' so only a select chosen few can view them.

 Searching for partners has a quick search as well as 'relationship' search, 'adult' search and search by member name. The relationship search lets you search on the basis of various criterion. Their adult search goes several steps further in asking you what you're looking for. They have members from all over the world but the bulk of members seem to be from USA, Canada and Europe.

Free video chat offers Video chat using which you can stream a live broadcast covering you to other members. You can do this by download their 'Broadcaster' software which is 6.08 MB in size and can be downloaded within a few minutes. Their software is full featured and has no restrictions on how long you can broadcast. It's free. You need a webcam to send yuour own live video but don't need any special equipment except your regular PC to watch video. You can click a 'Who's Viewing' link located in the Broadcaster window to see who is currently viewing your video. You can also prevent other members or specific ones from viewing your video or set a permission requirement, so the have to send you a request before they can view your video.

Chat and messaging also gives you a messenger which works somewhat similar to Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger. You can set your status to available or invisible. You can see your 'buddies' who're online or those who've added you to their 'hot list'  or those you have added to your 'hot list'. Send them private messages and chat with them. You can disable chat and messaging for any specific session or entirely for future too.

Featured member has this 'featured member' block where they placed the picture and profile of a gay member who wants to figure there. It doesn't cost anything as long as you're a premium member. Just apply after answering the question 'Why would you make a good featured Member?' and you'll probably end up there. This will get you a lot of attention.

Signing up gets you free premium access for 7 days, visit