Christian Couple Makers review

Christian Couple Makers is a relatively new Christian dating website that brings together Christian men and women looking for dating partners and relationships. Their homepage has a brief introductory video by their charming founder, Cindy Reed who calls it 'The home of heavenly introductions. All profiles on Christian Couple Makers are indivually screened and all information verified according to the introduction. You'll receive a call from their 'introduction specialists'.

It's not surprising that Christian Couple Makers has so much emphasis on accuracy of personal information and data. Their privacy policy states that they reserve the right to share your personal information with 'other third party businesses'. Their privacy policy has such a wide scope that they seem to reserve the right to do whatever they please with your personal information. If you must use them, be warned that your personal information will likely be redistributed to companies which will then push their products and services to you.

With such a privacy policy one wonders why there is a privacy policy at all, except possibly to protect their own self once all the emails and phones from marketing people start flooding in for their members. Other than that they're too new to comment on. Watch this space. Meanwhile we recommend that you consider BigChurch , a reputed Catholic dating sites.