Perfect Match review

Perfect Match is one of the fastest growing relationship web sites in the United States. It has been featured in the the Dr Phil Show and was also promoted in the movie 'Must Love Dogs' which starred starring Diane Lane and John Cusack. Perfect Match also figured in Paramount's "Failure to Launch" which had Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker as also in "Superman Returns", which had Brandon Routh playing Superman.

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Perfect Match is meant for those looking for long term, meaningful relationships. If you're looking for short term romances or one night stands, this isn't the site for you. When you sign up with for the free trial, you'll be asked to answer several questions. These will be typically yes/no questions which will cover several areas. In the process your personality profile will be created. This itself is an enjoyable process. If nothing else you should sign up with them to read your own personality profile. Now based on this, Perfect Match will find several matches for you. There won't be thousands of matches presented to you. That would defeat the purpose of Perfect Match which is to find someone compatible with you on various levels.

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You can also search for members yourself by personality, keyword or other custom criterion. You can save any search in a list that can be brought up later for viewing. Perfect Match covers heterosexual, gay and lesbian profiles. It covers USA, UK, Canada, Australia and every other country internationally.

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Perfect Match provides fewer matches than the average dating site most of whom don't go to such great lengths to find a soulmate for you. This may be perceived by some people to be a disadvantage. Ironically, the reality is that this is advantageous in many ways. You have fewer matches on your screen with the endorsement of Perfect Match that they are suitable dating partners for you. On the other side of the table, the people you're being introduced to also have far fewer matches. This reduces your competition considerably unlike the usually buffet-dinner-like approach of casual dating sites where you have a much lesser chance of being notice and no scope for being endorsed. Besides this, due to its approach, Perfect Match has a large number of female members, unlike other casual dating sites where the  men outnumber the women by far.

It takes upto 10-15 minutes to fill out your profile and answer all their questions. If you're looking for a quick signup and casual dating, this is not for you. On the other hand if you seek a possibly long term relationship and are willing to invest the time for it, go ahead by all means. Perfect Match has over 1 million members. The free trial doesn't let you send instant messages and is only a beginning. Unless you sign up for the paid version you won't get very far with this site. A 1 month membership costs $59.95.