Lavalife review

Lavalife is a very huge dating site with a strong focus on singles from USA and Canada. They have over 15 million members with them. One of the useful features on Lavalife is that free trial members can reply to any message they receive. They cannot however initiate messages, this is a feature available only to paid members. This is how most dating sites work. You can chat with singles who're online either one-to-one or in a group.

There are three types of profiles you can create on - for casual dating, relationships and intimate encounters. You can create all three profiles for yourself in a single account. Free members of Lavalife can send 'Smiles'. This is similar to 'flirts' or 'winks' or 'nudges' on other dating sites. It's a way for them to let paid members know of their interest. Another feature we like on Lavalife is that they show when the member last modified their profile and when they were last online. YOu can sort profiles by freshness on this basis. This helps a person searching on Lavalife to filter out the inactive members - the ones who may not be visiting the dating site any more.

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They also have video dating and messages available. You can have public and private photos as part of your profile. This means you can have some photos available for viewing to anyone who visits your profile while some others are meant only for those you provide a password to. You can also hide your entire profile at any time you choose to although this would mean no one gets in touch with you - useful if you start dating someone exclusively and don't want to hear from others.

When you visit the website to sign up with them, you have the option to visit manline or womanline, the Lavalife websites for gay singles and lesbian singles respectively if you prefer. If not, you can go ahead and register with the main Lavalife website. When you're a member, you can search for singles from three sections - one each for dating, relationships and intimate encounters. As the titles suggest, dating is for those looking for casual dating opportunities, relationships is for more serious matchmaking while intimate encounters is for short term relationships or flings. You can have a different profile for each section.

They have a monthly magazine called Lavalife Notes which is emailed each month to their members. This includes news and tips for singles. Earlier Lavalife had a credit system which meant you were paying for each message you sent. Now Lavalife offers unlimited messaging and email for all its paid members. This has made them a more attractive option.

1 month membership costs $29.99
3 month membership costs $56.97

On you can pay with Visa, MasterCard and American Express in either American or Canadian dollars. Even if you're outside the US and Canada, you can pay online at their site. Your credit card company will usually bill you in your local currency. Check with them for any additional transaction charges for foreign exchange transactions. Lavalife's members are mostly from the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom although they seem to have members from all countries.