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Religion-based dating websites are all the rage today. Time was when you could hope to meet potential partners at events organized by your church or place of worship. However now with so many faith-based dating portals on the internet, you can simply sign up with any of these to meet singles who share your own religious beliefs. And for all those of you who are devout Catholics, you can check out the site

TIP: has many Catholic men and women who consider religion an important part of their lives and want to date someone of a similar faith. Use their keyword search or advanced search and find singles by zip code to talk to someone this weekend.

Target users of claims to be single largest dating site devoted to the relationship needs of Catholic singles. They receive well over 10,000 new members each month and have about five times as many active members as most other Catholic dating sites. Being a religious dating site, allows only those users seeking a heterosexual relationship and prohibits all adult content. Even more importantly the site is specifically targeted to singles that are looking for marriage or at least a long term relationship. Also only two types of marital status is allowed – single and widowed – extramarital relationships are not encouraged. Members of appear to be primarily in the age group of 20 to 40 years, looking for relationships with people who hold similar Catholic values. Even though the site appears to be directed to users primarily from United States and Canada, there is a long list of countries from where users can join in and this is ample proof that single Catholic singles from anywhere in the world are welcome to be part of the Catholicmatch online community.

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Signing Up at

Basic registration is free at and takes only a few minutes to complete. The essential details required to sign up with the site include user name, password, country and zip code, real name, gender, date of birth and what type of relationship you are looking for. To go ahead with the process of profile creation, you will be required to describe yourself in greater detail like your height, hair and eye color, ethnicity, native language, education, occupation, habits like smoking and drinking, views on children as well as marital status. This part of the profile creation also includes an important section on your religious beliefs and how crucial is their presence in the partner you are looking for. This section includes questions on the practical side of your faith for instance whether you are you a cradle Catholic or a convert, how often you attend mass, your parish, your favorite devotions, prayers, sacramental and so on. Then there is a section on doctrine and teaching where you need to come clear on whether you accept the Church's teachings on Eucharist, contraception, sanctity of life, papal infallibility, premarital sex, Immaculate Conception, holy orders and other such issues. After this you can include a few words about your favourite hobbies and interests and end with a short essay on yourself as well as the kind of person you are looking for. Features

Viewing options at include profiles, scrapbook photos as well as video profiles. Among the different ways of communication at the site is Private message system which allows a member to send and read messages from other Catholic Match members without providing personal information. Then there are ‘Emotigrams’ or mini messages which are a great way to introduce yourself to someone you like on the site. Paid members can also make use of Private Chat which allows you to contact other members in real time in a secure and convenient way. Finally there is the option of online chatting where you can choose from three chat rooms on the site. Apart from these communication methods, the site has very active Community forums with over 39 different kinds and more than 100,000 topics and millions of actual messages. However these forums are exclusively for single Catholics who are members of Catholic Match.

Among search options is the basic system open to anyone who has registered with the site and this includes searching by age, geographical location, gender as well as anyone who is online. Advanced browsing requires a person to be a paid member and depends on categories like appearance, background information, any part of the profile, recently updated profiles or hot-listed members which include those that have viewed you, mailed you or included you in their list of favorites.
One of the most interesting communication tools at is by Personal Interview. According to this a member can create his/her own personal interview of up to 20 multiple-choice questions for other members to take and each question can have up to five answers. This is an excellent way to find out a bit more about someone you happen to like on the site. When someone takes your personal interview, you will receive the results directly in your inbox in the form of a message.

Yet another unique aspect of is their Temperament Test which includes around 107 multiple-choice questions on how you would naturally tend to react to a series of circumstances. According to the site, the results can be divided into four main temperaments – Choleric which implies the temperament of a leader, Melancholic indicating a temperament that is deeply, Phlegmatic or Easy going and finally Sanguine which depicts a people’s person.

Upon completion of the Temperament Test, your results will be viewable within your profile by other singles who have also taken the test which in turn means that you can only see someone else's test once you have taken one.

One of the great things at is that members can organize events like Catholic Match Get Togethers which may range from a planned event, "destination" weekend, or around some existing activity such as a concert, ball game, festival etc. Each event includes the date, location, photos, description, guest list and directions; it also includes which Catholic Match member contributed the event. However it is important to keep in mind that these events are hosted by members and the dating site is not officially involved or part of the planning process in any events Membership Plans offers two kinds of membership plans. The first is free and allows a member to create a profile, upload photos, send Emotigrams, express interest in members and see who has expressed interest in him/her, take the Temperament Test, create a personal interview as well as  Search for basic matches.

The second kind of membership requires subscription and covers services like Private message system, access to Community forums, Private chat, ability to add a custom message to an Emotigram, advanced searching and priority customer support. The membership rate for one month is $24.95, for three months it is $49.95 and for six months it is $74.95. Users can pay by check, money order or most major credit cards. An important thing to keep in mind is that memberships are automatically renewed until you cancel; you can do this by clicking on "Account" in the upper right hand corner and following the prompts

Other features of

Along with providing many new as well as regular features of faith-based dating sites, Catholic Match Magazine tries to bring about greater interaction among its members. One way of doing this is to include monthly articles by staff and members on advice, the single life, faith and culture. Members are even encouraged to post comments on any articles. Then there are community Polls every few weeks where the members are encourage to give their views on various issues.