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The Internet has proved to be a boon for singles all across the world who can now look for partners based on criteria like physical features, faith, culture, profession and so on. However an equally important way of bringing two people together is the spark of mutual attraction, in other words ‘chemistry’, which the appropriately named site seeks to use to help its members find their partners. is open to users only from the United States. The site appears to be popular among members ranging from twenty to forty years of age. While heterosexual relationships seem to be the norm here, there are separate links to ‘gay and lesbian dating online’, ‘gay dating online’ and ‘lesbian dating online’. is a more exclusive site from the family of the much larger and more popular dating site At the same time has links to local city pages like ‘New York Dating’ and ‘Washington D.C Dating’.

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Signing up with

The first step for all new members at Chemistry is to complete the Chemistry Profile. The Chemistry Profile generally takes about 35 to 40 minutes from start to finish, though you can save your work mid-way through if you're short on time or called away.  The sign-up process at is one of the most in-depth ones out there, but you’ll probably find it fun and enlightening if you are keen to be matched up with people based on more than just the simplest of criteria and if you are looking for in-depth compatibility. Each profile is reviewed by the site’s customer care team before it is posted on the site.  Thus you wait for around 48 and 72 hours for approval. The site notifies a member via email once his/her profile has been approved and posted on the site. USP

The most unique thing about is their Personality Test which is fun, engaging, and provides an in-depth look at who you are and what you want in a relationship. According to the site, this test has been taken by over 8,000,000 people worldwide and is sure to give a member an insight into his or her own personality. In the process a member stands to get matched with singles who are best suited to him or her. Along with the traditional questions on lifestyle, values and background, this test also includes some unusual ones like ‘Is your index finger shorter or longer than your ring finger?’, ‘Which of these smiles are fakes?’ or ‘How do you feel when you see a public display of affection’? While at the outset these questions seem quirky, when combined with the more traditional personality questions, they really hit the mark on assessing a member’s personality.

The personality test

Once a member takes the Personality Test and is given the results, the site takes on the onus of making introductions. Thus after you finish taking the Chemistry Test, you’ll see that has a link to your top five matches which according to the site have the best chances of trigger chemistry between you and the match . After you receive these personalized matches, you can discover who they are and decide if you would like learn more about them. Thus it is evident that there is no search function at The site has most of the control – it decides your personality type, and picks the most compatible matches for you.

However whether you want to go ahead with your suggested matches depends on you. When viewing profiles of singles, you can also view how well you match up to them. A separate page tells you what type of person you and your match are and provides a detailed explanation. It also displays five slider graphs showing the universal personality traits like Extrovert, Agreeable, Conscientious, Open to New Experiences, Calm Cool Collected, and where each of you fall regarding each trait.

The site will also help you get to know your matches online before you meet them by offering fun and unique activities to flirt and discover more about each other. The Matching System at can be divided into new matches and active matches. Active matches are singles who you are currently communicating with. The Matching System also shows what stage in the communication process you are in. Apart from providing you with information and recommendations for your match’s personality type, there are Chemistry Starters as well as regular email to get in touch with a match.

Finally the site also assists you in setting up your first face-to-face meeting. Once the date is finished, you can get back to and give your feedback at the site.

Privacy at claims to be quite particular about protecting the privacy of its members. It is because of this that the site is a closed community where according to the site, ‘Members are able to be out there, but not everywhere’. ensures that only approved members can view your profile and initiate contact with you. membership plans

Almost all the facilities at are open only to paid members. You have to subscribe to the site to be able to get the results of the personality test, view your matches and initiate contact with whoever you wish to know better. Costs range from $49.95 a month for one month down to $26.65 a month for six months which is quite steep when compared to other dating sites like Yahoo Personals or

The best part about is that it is based on a matching of personality types to ensure a high degree of compatibility. The site best suits those singles who are detail-oriented and are somewhat finicky of various aspects and habits of a potential partner. However those who like have more control over finding partners may find it difficult to leave the job of searching to the site.

One name which features quite often at is Dr. Helen Fisher. She is the Chief Scientific Advisor of the site and also an anthropologist. Dr. Fisher has designed many of the questions for, not only taking into account the usual personality, interest, and demographic questions, but also questions involving genetics, hormones and other physical characteristics.