Before you go shopping for diamonds, there's a brief guide to the 4 Cs of diamonds which you may want to read. The four Cs are cut, clarity, color and carat These are the aspects you have to take into account when you're buying a diamond. You can read an indepth Mondera at the official web site of Mondera. We highly recommend visiting the Mondera website and reading this guide even if you no plans to buy from them.

In this section we'll review various diamond and jewelry merchants. This page will be updated from time to time. So, please bookmark it and come back often to check.

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Mondera coupons sells loose diamonds, gold, sterling silver and platinum jewelry. They offer both yellow gold and white gold jewelery. You can buy engagement and wedding rings, wedding bands, necklaces and pendants from them. From time to time offers discount coupons and promotional code offers. We'll update them when they do so.

Buy only certified diamonds

It is prudent to buy only certified diamonds. The certificate describes specifically the characteristics of the diamond, its cut, shape and flaws. So you can be sure that a certificate for a specific diamond can only be used for it. The diamond certificate is also called a grading report, It is a complete evaluation of your diamond that has been performed by a qualified professional with the help of special gemological instruments. The recognizable, individual characteristics of each stone are listed on the certificate. You must buy only certified diamonds to ensure you're getting what you're paying for.

Mondera is an online diamonds and jewelry merchant. They've been around since 1999 which is a long time in the internet business. Mondera is run by the Mouwad family and headed by Fred Mouwad, the founders grandson. The Mouwad family has been in this business for 110 years. The business was started by David Mouawad in 1860. David, of Lebanese origin, learnt jewelry making in the United States and came bac to Lebanon to start his business.

When you search for loose diamonds on their web site you need to specify which shape you're looking for and the price range. Mondera offers Loose diamonds in various cuts and shapes. The fewer flaws a diamond has, the more expensive it is. This is despite the fact that some of these flaws are invisible to the naked eye. Flawless diamonds are the most expensive. Larger natural diamonds are higher to find as nature tends to produce few of them and so the value of a diamond increases exponentially with its size.

Mondera jewelry

Apart from loose diamonds, Mondera offers bridal jewelry including rings, necklaces, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, pendants, gemstone and pearl jewelry etc. They have jewelry in yellow gold, white gold, platinum and sterling silver beginning from as little as $50.

Mondera discount, coupon codes, promotional offers and discounts

From time to time, Mondera offers discount coupons and promotional offers. We'll update them here. Please bookmark this page for your reference. It would also be a good idea to visit their website and join their newsletter.

Buying loose diamonds from Mondera

Mondera offers loose diamonds are of various shapes including round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds etc. This 'cut' refers to the shape of diamonds and is not to be confused with 'cut', one of the 4Cs.

We conducted a below $300 test on Mondera to determine the price range within which they have diamonds available. We tried to determine how much of a budget you really needed to have when buying diamonds from Mondera. Here's the result. Please bear in mind that this reflects the inventory of Mondera when the test was conducted and they may always have a higher or lower inventory, giving you a wider or narrower choice of shopping for diamonds. There's a nifty serch utility on the Mondera site which helps you search for loose diamonds on the basis of various criterion such as Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, Polish, Symmetry, certified or not and price. You can also compare any number of diamonds by just check-marking against the diamond and clicking on 'compare'. All of Mondera's diamonds are certified.

1. Round cut diamonds

When we searched for round diamonds below $300 a total of 49 diamonds were available! This is quite a large number. The cheapest diamond we found was a .23 carat round diamond which cost $233. This was an ideal cut diamond. It measured 3.94-3.98x2.44mm, had a depth of 61.6% and the polish and symmetry were classified as 'very good'. It had no fluorescence however.

2. Princess cut diamonds

Searching for Princess cut diamonds, we found just two loose diamonds priced below $300. The cheaper among these was priced at $232, weighed 0.19 Carat, measured 3.16x3.15x2.34mm, had very good polish and symmetry but no fluorescence.

3. Emerald cut diamonds

When we searched for Emerald cut diamonds below $300, there wasn't a single one available. The cheapest diamond available was priced at $375. The weight was .30 carat. The measurement was 4.34x3.67x2.36mm with very good polish, good symmetry and faint fluorescence.

4. Radiant cut diamonds

We found one radiant cut diamond priced below $300. This diamond available for $201 weighed 0.31 Carat had very good color grade, measured 4.87x3.45x2.40mm, had ood polish and symmetry but lacked fluorescence.

5. Oval cut diamonds

We couldn't find any oval cut diamonds below $300. The cheapest was priced at $591. It weighed 0.46 Carat, with I color, SI1 clarity, described as a 'Good cut diamond' and accompanied by a grading report from GIA. It had a fluorescence of strong blue.

6. Pear cut diamonds

The cheapest pear cut diamond we found was priced at $355. It weighed 0.46 Carat, had good polish and symmetery and no fluorescence.

7. Marquise cut diamonds

The cheapest marquise shape diamond was priced at $255 on Mondera. It measured 7.44x3.37x2.05mm, had a thin to slightly thick girdle with very good polish, good symmetry and medium blue fluorescence.

8. Asscher cut diamond

The cheapest Asscher cut diamond was priced at $704 weight 0.51 carat, measuring 4.50x4.39x2.99mm with excellent polish, very good symmetry and no fluoroescence. The cut was 'very good'. To buy loose diamonds from Mondera, you need to have a minimum budget of $300 to get a good diamond. This is not a very high budget considering that you're shopping for loose diamonds.

Free shipping, gift boxes and cards

Mondera usually offers a free gift box, free gift card and free FedEx-air 2nd day shipping or UPS with every purchase. You can also get next day shipping for $15. Your purchase is also insured during transit. International shipping costs $40 and you're responsible for all local customs duties. If you use an international credit card, there's a 4 % additional cess which applies. For all orders, you can also pay by wire transfer and in fact Mondera gives a 2 % discount to people paying via wire transfer. This is probably because it saves paying a commission to the credit card processing company and shares the saving with the customer.

30 Return days

Mondera offers a 30 days return period. You can return the diamonds or jewelry within 30 days to get a complete refund. The shipping fee is not refunded, like with most retailers. Custom orders like orders with engraving, special finger sizes are not accepted back for a return (refund, exchange or repair) by Mondera. For orders about $500, you need to send back the product through FedEx/UPS with insurance cover.