Here's why a doting lover can be good for your health

Washington D.C, Jun 25 (ANI): For those entering adulthood, the quality of your romantic life can affect your health, according to a recent study.

Happy wives make for happy marriages regardless of hubbies' happiness

Washington, Sept 13 (ANI): A new study has revealed that it is the wife's happiness that plays key to a happy marriage for their husbands.

According to the new research by Rutgers University finds that the more content the wife is with the long-term union, the happier the husband is with his life no matter how he feels about their nuptials.

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When your Boyfriend's Best Friend Doesn't Like you

One of the trickiest situations faced by a couple is when one of them is not accepted by the other’s best friend. If not resolved quickly, the issue can soon become messy with misunderstandings and heartache all around. So if you feel that your boyfriend’s best friend does not like you, here is how to break the ice and deal with the situation.

How to Find Someone from your Past - Locating an Old Lover or Friend you've Lost Touch with

As an ever growing individual, you will see people enter your life, affect your life, and leave your life countless times. Losing someone who's helped shape your inner self can sometimes be best for both you and for them. Everyone walks their own path, and those paths just don't always go in the same direction.

How to Make your Man Pay Attention to you

Every relationship goes through its own cycle of intimacy and withdrawal. This is perhaps due to the very nature of the need that two people have for each other, which leads them into a relationship in the first place. Thus while the two halves seek each other out to be a whole, they are, at the same time, individuals in their own right, with individual interests and a need for personal space.

Blondes spend more time getting ready than brunettes

London, Oct 8 (ANI): Blondes take longer getting dolled up for a night out than brunettes, says a new survey. In the study of 3,000 women, boffins discovered that blondes will take 72 minutes a day on their beauty routine compared to 66 minutes for brunettes.

Women can’t keep secrets for more than 47 hours!

London, Sept 17 (ANI): Most women cannot keep a secret for more than 47 hours, a new survey has revealed.

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