You really liked this girl and you thought that there could be no other. You went out of your way to seek her out and did all you could to capture her attention. You’ve even gone so far as to try a makeover and charm all her friends and acquaintances in the hope that it would make a difference. But somehow, nothing seems to work. The harder you try the more distant she seems. You just can’t seem to get through to her. She doesn’t even notice you exist, or if she does, it’s like she wished she hadn’t.

You fell in love with this girl who seemed to embody all you ever wanted in a woman. But there was only one problem. She didn’t seem to feel the same way about you. You really liked her, but couldn’t seem to get her to like you in return. Or worse yet, not only didn’t she like you, but also seemed to spurn your advances. And even though you feel you tried every trick in the book, she flat out rejected you.

You often hear a wife complain, "My husband never listens to me." Or a girlfriend agonize to her best mate, "My boyfriend never seems to pay any attention to what I tell him". In fact, a woman was ranting about how she’s been talking about wedding arrangements to her fiancé for months, and yet when she asked him a few questions about some detail she’d told him about earlier, he hadn’t a clue what she was talking about! It left her wondering whether he had heard anything she had told him. The common grouse with women is, "Do men ever listen?"

You take a woman out with all good intentions of treating her like a queen. You vow to yourself that you will see to it she has a good time. And that she will come away from the date feeling great. But what if you and the attention you shower on her is not enough? What if she needs more? Who is this woman?

Act embarrassing

Some folks enjoy the adventure of a first date and the possibilities it throws up. But to many, going on a date - especially a first date - can be an unnerving experience. Even worse if it’s a blind date and you’ve had to trust somebody else, possibly a matchmaking friend with good intentions, to set you up with the ‘right’ person.

Every one of us has experienced jealousy (or the 'green-eyed monster') somewhere or at some point of our lives. Jealousy has to do with possessiveness in relationships and is different from envy, which is targeted at someone else’s achievements or possessions. Jealousy is born out of other emotions like fear, anger, betrayal and powerlessness. Envy is a petty emotion that seethes with rancour against someone else’s happiness.

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Insecurity is not a trait limited to women. There are many men who are also insecure, especially if they perceive themselves to be the lesser partner in a relationship. But most often, it seems to be women who are the more insecure of the species.

Insecurity is damaging to a relationship especially when it is totally unjustified. If a woman is insecure and constantly finding fault with her partner as a result, there will come a point when he will get fed up trying to placate her and prefer being with someone who is more deserving of his affection.

Complimenting women is a good way to initiate and maintain a romantic relationship with them. Sincere compliments can melt the heart of the most hardhearted woman. It is important to discover the areas which are close to her heart, and direct your compliments to these.

Usually, the women you date may be hundred percent into you, but sometimes they may simply be bored. There are all kinds of women out there, but if you are dating a bored woman, your relationship is heading nowhere. The reason may be some quality of yours or something beyond your control. Whatever the reason, if the woman is worth the effort, you must do some damage control and revive interest in the relationship. There are some subjects that you can generally avoid in your conversation, depending on the girl you are dating.

It is often said that you can gauge how a man will treat the woman in his life according to the way he behaves towards his mother. So when a man is caring and respectful with his mother and has an excellent or even a close relationship with her, it is great news for his wife/girlfriend/partner.

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