How to Spy on your Wife if you Suspect Infidelity

Suspicion of infidelity is an issue that arises at some point or another in nearly every marriage. After all, who wants to be with a person who is giving their heart to someone else? Adultery can single-handedly destroy a marriage instantly, but what if the infidelity goes undetected? How do you know if your wife's cheating on you? There are ways to find out.

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When spying in your wife, it's of the utmost importance to keep her from suspecting that you might be doing such a thing. One way to give yourself an upper hand in this area is to be particularly affectionate and sweet to her in your alone time. If she thinks you're wildly content and in love with her then she's less likely to worry about you tracing her footsteps, and perhaps more likely to take bigger risks with any infidelity she may be engaging in.

One of the best tools for spying on your wife is your computer. There is a free program available for download called VNC (Virtual Network Computing). This program essentially allows you to teleport from whatever computer you're using to any other computer on which you've installed VNC. While this can be used for more wholesome activities, such as making use of a program only installed on your home computer while you're elsewhere, it can also be used as a very sophisticated spying technique.

First, you'll need to head to the Real VNC website and install the full program on whatever computer your wife uses most.  Install the program in “service mode”. This way the application will launch whenever your computer is started. Second you'll want to set the configuration for the program. Click the “authentication” tab in the VNC program's properties and create a unique password. Next click the “input” tab and uncheck all the boxes. This will ensure that when you connect to this computer from another computer  that no alerts will pop up on the computer you're connecting to.  She'll use the computer as she would in any case, and VNC will quietly pretend like it's not even there. Lastly you'll need to install VNC on the computer from which you wish to spy on your wife's activities. If you have a personal laptop separate from your home computer, this would be ideal. A work computer or even a public computer (so long as downloads are allowed) will be adequate though. Once installed, launch the program in “viewer” mode and click the “inputs” tab, uncheck all the boxes shown, and you're done. You can now view your home computer from wherever you are, and you'll be able to see whatever the person using the computer sees. For more information on the actual installation of the program (it's not difficult) and more technical aspects of how exactly the application and configuration works, check out the documentation on VNC's website. You don't have to a computer whiz by any means to use VNC to your advantage Just be sure to take the aforementioned configuration steps to avoid detection.

Another effective means of getting information on your wife's daily interactions is the cell phone bill. If you and your wife share a wireless plan (as is often the case in marriages) then knowledge on what numbers your wife has been calling and how long each of these calls last is just a click away. Go to your wireless provider's website and set up an online account (using your personal email). The site will walk you through the process and you'll instantly be able to view the bills of all cell phones listed on the account. How you use this information is up to you. If you find that your wife has been receiving calls from a certain number that you don't recognize frequently, at odd hours (for example specific times when she might be away from you), or for unusually long amounts of time then you can simply type the number into any search engine (Google and Yahoo are the largest and are typically the best for this kind of thing) for some quick information. If it's a business number, then it will almost certainly show up immediately in your search results. If it's a personal cell or home phone number, then it probably won't. From there, you have the option of using reverse phone look up services (a Google search will yield plenty of these) to find out exactly who the phone number belongs to. These services cost a little bit of money so make sure you find a reputable one and only use this as a last resort. Try to get your hands on your wife's cell phone to see if the number belongs to any of the contacts listed therein first.

Lastly, one tool you may find useful in your ventures into espionage that many unfaithful spouses tend to overlook is car mileage. Track the mileage on your wife's car and make sure it matches up relatively well to the places where she's said she's been. Use a site such as Mapquest to find out the estimated mileage to and from wherever your wife is supposed to be going. Little disparities happen; what you're looking for here is a significant difference between your estimated a mileage and your wife's actual mileage. Don't be too quick to start a confrontation over this. There's always the chance that on any given day she just drove somewhere that she forgot to tell you about, or she let her friend borrow her car.

If your wife is cheating on you, you have a right to know. However trust and honesty are absolutely integral parts of a marriage, and by prying for information regarding your wife's private activities you are sabotaging that trust. Spying on your wife should be an act only exercised if you already have a solid basis for uncertainty. Remember always that the best way to avoid infidelity in a marriage is to continuously work on building and maintaining a sound relationship.