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Known as the Healing Vine of Peru, Cat’s claw has been long believed by the native cultures of South America to have a range of healing as well as aphrodisiacal properties. It is only recently that the herb has caught the attention of the modern scientific community and has become the subject of many studies into the way it works to strengthen the body for love and general well-being.

Throughout history, men have invested considerable time and effort in discovering what makes sex more pleasurable or at least more attainable. Known as aphrodisiacs, a variety of substances ranging from foods to herbs and animal parts have been used to heighten sexual desire. One of these is the horny goat weed extract reputed to work wonders for enhancing sexual enjoyment among men.

Since the earliest days, mankind has experimented with various substances in the hope of enhancing sexual desire. Known as aphrodisiac, these substances include foods, spices, herbs and even parts of animals. Most often the aphrodisiacs worked by supplying the body with nutrients essential for healthy sex and treating disorders that hinder sexual pleasure. Marshmallow is one such herb which has long been used for its aphrodisiacal and medicinal properties.

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Ever since the dawn of human civilization certain substances have been known to enhance sexual desire or improve the quality of sexual experience. Known as aphrodisiacs, these substances may either act directly to stimulate erotic sensations or indirectly by alleviating certain disorders hindering sexual pleasure. Pygeum belongs to the latter class of substances whose reputed aphrodisiacal qualities for men may owe to its beneficial effect on several systems of the body.

Along with foods, herbs constitute one of the most common ingredients believed to have aphrodisiacal powers. The use of herbs may enhance a person’s libido by influencing the senses of smell and taste or by alleviating physiological as well psychological disorders which may be interfering with sexual pleasure. Rosemary is one such herb which has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

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Derived from ‘Aphrodite’, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, the term ‘aphrodisiac’ refers to a vast range of substances that are believed to stimulate sexual desire. While some of the these substances boost human libido by acting directly on sex organs, others work by alleviating physiological disorders, supplying essential nutrients or through psychological suggestions. Among all the herbs known to work as aphrodisiacs, sarsaparilla is one of the oldest and best known natural sex boosters for men.

The association of food and sex goes back to the earliest times of human evolution. In times when food was not as readily available as now, nutrition was a prime concern among young people fit for breeding. In order to fulfill many of the nutritional requirements necessary for fertility, some foods were advocated more than other and began to be known as aphrodisiacs. Soy is one such food which has been used for ages in certain parts of the world for its nutritional and invigorating properties.

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Aphrodisiacs work in several ways to enhance a sexual experience. It can work to stimulate sexual desire by acting directly on the senses or sex organs so that sexual arousal takes place and the person's libido gets a boost. Alternatively aphrodisiacs work to enhance a sexual experience by bringing about psychological well being and alleviating any stress or anxiety which may otherwise hinder pleasure in sex. St John's Wort is one such substance which works as an aphrodisiac by alleviating mood disorders and creating a relaxed state of being.

Aphrodisiacs are substances which are believed to enhance a sexual experience. However not all love potions work by directly stimulating sexual desire. Some may work by removing inhibitions and alleviating anxiety, thus creating a mood more conductive to the experience of love. One such substance is Valerian which has long been used by men to lower sexual inhibition and induce relaxation – conditions which are crucial to the enjoyment of sex.

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Since the beginnings of human civilization, mankind has invested considerable time and research into ways of improving their sex life. Over time certain substances like foods and herbs acquired the reputation of heightening sexual desire and even bettering sexual performance when used by men and women. These came to be known as Aphrodisiacs. One such plant which has been long supposed to have aphrodisiacal properties is wild oats, especially when used by men.

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