If you are a shorter man in love with a taller woman


Love knows no boundaries, love is blind, love rises above every caste or religion. These are the emotionally charged phrases we often get to hear from couples in love. Love definitely is a powerful emotion that triumphs over stiff challenge or opposition posed by a person or a situation in general.

What happens if the turmoil comes from within the man who is in love? Sounds absurd, but there are certain factors which men may overlook when they fall in love. The physical attributes of a woman, apart from her intellectual ones, no doubt allure a man. If one of her physical attributes happens to be her tall stature, will that stop a man who is shorter than her from falling in love with her?

Gone are the days when the norm was that the man should be taller than the woman. The dream man for most girls does remain as 'tall, dark and handsome'. No girl would willingly wish for a man who is shorter than herself. Each of us may have a yardstick of idealized beauty that colors our expectations about how our spouse should look. If we are not willing to look beyond that ideal, we won't be receptive to anyone who doesn't fulfill those expectations. As we begin to see more of the inner, spiritual qualities, we connect with that "beauty."

This is actually a truer beauty, as it tends to improve with age, while physical attributes like a height of a man or his dashing personality almost always deteriorates. For a person who seeks the beauty within a girl rather than the physical beauty will be more acceptable to the fact of falling in love with a taller woman.

The same ideals should hold good for the girl too. If she is the kind who seeks a man much taller than her, she will not be able to reciprocate to the feelings of a shorter man.

There are many celebrity couples who have gone against the norm of tall girls marrying only taller men. Tom cruise and his ex wife Nicole kidman are the perfect example where the wife towered over her husband.

As a tall girl begins to know the man who is shorter than her, they may be able to let go of their initial discomfort of each other’s varying height. Their first impression may soon disappear and may see their dating partner from a whole new perspective. Instead of worrying about how others view them as a couple, take pride in the fact that you are able to achieve a true understanding of each other which perhaps the so-called perfect looking couples may take years to do so.

If a shorter man is genuinely bothered about his date’s towering height, then its advisable to end the relationship when it is in the initial stages itself. Physical attraction is not something that can be forced upon.

There are certain myths that surround such couples when the man is shorter than the woman.

Signifies dominance

If the women is taller than the man, it signifies her dominating nature. Though illogical and baseless, there are certain men who believe in towering over their spouses both literally and figuratively. If only the height of a person was reflective of his attitude then all short men in this universe could be branded as docile and submissive.

Odd looking

A tall woman walking besides a short man may look odd to others but if the couple in question are truly in love with each other, the disparity in their heights become a trivial issue.

If you are a shorter man in love with a taller woman, all you need to do is find out if the feeling is mutual. If love is omnipresent on both the sides, the ‘issue’ of height can be tossed away forever.