How to Tell if a Girl Likes you - Signs that She is Interested in you


One of the biggest puzzles that can ever confront a guy is to fathom what is going on in a woman’s mind. So much has been said about the difference between what a woman says and what she actually feels or whether she means yes when she is actually saying no that it is quite bewildering for a man to understand exactly what his girlfriend is thinking.

So if you are being kept on tenterhooks by her smiles and glances and wish to know whether she really likes you, go through the following points. You will be sure to interpret the signals correctly the next time your girl directs them at you.

Listen for verbal cues

When you get to know a girl, you normally begin by striking up a conversation. Engage in some small talk and see how your girl responds. If she is shy, the tone of her voice may get higher or she may start playing with the hair, like smoothening it or twirling it around her fingers. She may laugh at your not-so-funny jokes or giggle quite a lot. Whatever be the specifics, if a girl is interested in you, she is likely to keep her voice soft and endearing, as if inviting you to say more.

Display of interest

The matter of a conversation is equally if not more important than the tone. If a girl keeps asking you about your status in relationships or your preference is girls, she may be trying to find if you fulfil her expectations of a boyfriend.  Again if a girl likes you, she will want to know more about you. She may ask you about your interests, career and friends. And most significantly she will actually listen to all that you have to say. There are unlikely to be suppressed yawns, sideling glances at the watch or sudden interruptions. So if you find your girl willing slipping into the role of an active listener, you can be virtually certain that she likes you.

Watch her eyes

If a girl likes you, she will usually maintain eye contact when speaking to you. This shows that she is interested in what you have to say and wishes to continue the conversation. Sometimes however she may drop the gaze as soon you as you find her looking at you. This generally happens in the early days of dating when she has begun to like you but is still unsure of your reactions. Even when you are not actually talking to each other, she may continue to look at you often and have the shadow of a smile on her lips. This is virtually certain evidence that your girl likes being with you.

She may want to reach out

Notice if your girl looks for ways to touch you more often than what friends do. She may lean a mite too close to see what you are reading to lightly touch your wrist to look at the time on your watch. She may brush against you when you are walking together or laughingly poke you in the ribs at a joke. All these are signs that your girl would like to be around you. However don’t assume the opposite if your girl doesn’t yet cross into your private space. It may be that she is still nervous about the relationship or biding her time until she is sure about you.

Pay attention to what her friends say

If a girl likes you, it is almost certain that she has told her friends about you. So look at her friends’ reactions if you happen to come across them. If her friends giggle surreptitiously and throw meaningful glances at your girl, it is obvious that you were the subject of their recently-ended conversation. If they keep smiling at you and drop hints on your relationship, most probably your girl has told them that she likes you.

Watch out for signs of flirting

This is a trickier one since girls may seem to flirt for several reasons. If you find a girl flirting with you, it may be because she is interested in you or is doing so to get the attention of some other guy she is interested in. Again if a girl likes you, she may flirt with you a little less or much more than what she would normally do with a guy who is just a pal. The best thing to do under such circumstances is too act natural and not respond too boisterously or act utterly disinterested. After the girl has sounded you out, she is sure to make her intentions clear. And whatever happens, don’t flirt around in front of your girl or this will put her off if she is secretly interested in you.

See if she seeks your help

Girls often love playing the damsel-in-distress when they are with a guy they like. So if you are out till late in the evening and your date is noticeably shivering, offer her your jacket. She will love the gesture and you will have another excuse to meet up. Alternatively she may think of other ways to seek your help like showing her how to install an anti-virus on her computer or fixing the catch on her bracelet. These are often delicious excuses to be physically close to each other and make up some of the best memories of the early days of a romance.

See how she responds

If you really want to know whether a girl likes you, give her your most natural smile. If she likes you, her smile will reach her eyes, light up her face and she will hold your gaze.  If she smiles back shyly at you and then quickly turns to friends, she may be still nervous about you and unsure of your relationship. But if she smiles out of politeness and then looks away, say goodbye to her and move on.

Every girl has her own way of showing interest in a guy. Obvious signs that she likes you may be modified by her personality, upbringing and culture. However the above pointers generally hold well on most occasions and by following them you can get a fair idea if a girl wants to get to know you better.