How to Tell if a Guy Likes you - Signs That He is Interested in you


Are you having sleepless nights worrying that a guy whom you would like to know better does not feel the same about you? Guys can often seems fickle and flirtatious or silent and disinterested when in fact they like you more than other girls. So if you want to read your man correctly and find out if he really likes you, go through the following points. You will be able to find out what he really thinks of you and if he is interested in getting to know you better.

Notice his body language. A guy who likes you will smile at you oftener than he does at someone else. Moreover the smile will be natural and not forced out of politeness. Also he will look at you more than usual and hold your gaze longer than normal. All these are signs that the guy finds you attractive and likes you. At the same time however if darts his eyes the other way when you catch him looking at you, means that he is secretly interested in you.

Mark his compliments. If a guy pays you compliments quite frequently, it not only means that he likes certain things about you but that it is an expression of his interest in you. It is a man’s way of saying that he likes you and would want to take the relationship further.

He shows interest

A guy who likes you will want to know about your hobbies, work and friends. He will ask you questions and will be genuinely interested in what you say. He may ask your opinion on various matters and seem willing to look at issues from your point of view. If he wants to take your relationship further he may even laughingly ask if you have a steady boyfriend or he may sound out your preferences in men. However if his attention strays and he begins to look bored when you are talking about yourself, it is a sign that he was perhaps being just polite.

Watch what he says

If a guy is trying to say good things about himself as well, most likely he is trying to impress you. You may get slightly bored of listening to his achievements at work or in society, but remember that they are a man’s way of trying to trying to make a good impression and he is probably doing this because he likes you.

He will want to be near you

Do you find a guy thinking up excuses to want to meet you often or does he happen to pass you on your way to your workplace with an unfailing regularity? If so, it is probably because he likes being with you. He may want to return something you left at the previous meeting or wish to have a cup of coffee with you for no particular reason. These are signs that he enjoys your company and is happy being around you.

He tries to reach out

If a guy likes you, he will find small ways to connect with you physically. He may slightly lean over to you when talking or have his palms open and facing towards you. These are signs that a guy is comfortable sharing his personal space with you. Again he may think of small ways to touch you like pretending to read your palm, or help you out of a cab. He may lightly brush against you when walking together or pick up a scarf to drape against your shoulder. However if a guy is the strong and silent type, he may consciously keep himself from touching you unless he is completely sure of your interests and commitment.

Mark his friends’ reactions

If you happen to meet your guy when he is with friends, see how they react. Do they smile at you and tease him when you are around? Or do his friends smirk in a manner which suggests that they know something you don’t. If they look happy and seem positive about your being with your guy, it is most likely because he has told them that he likes you. On the other hand if your guy’s pals seem embarrassed to be around you and fall into odd silences, it is probably because they know he is not that interested in you.

Check with your friends

Often a guy will enquire about a girl from her friends if he likes her and wants to be sure that she likes him as well. So ask your pals if your guy has been sounding them out on your preferences in men and on your response to his overtures.

Other expressions of interest

Every guy knows about the traditional ways of expressing interest in a girl. If he likes you, he will give you some token of his interest – like flowers, chocolates, a poem that he has written for you, a mushy card or simply send you a funny text message. The nature of his love token will of course depend on the personality of the guy but if he likes you he will surely find a way of letting you know about his interest in you.

He will keep in touch

If a guy calls you often, mails you or sends text messages, it is practically certain that he likes you. A desire to communicate on a regular basis is an infallible evidence of a guy’s interest in someone he likes. You will appreciate the validity of this point when you consider the reverse situation for when a guy ‘forgets’ to return your calls or reply to your emails, it is practically certain that he no longer wants to see you anymore.

Thus you need not be a mind-reader in order to know when and whether a guy likes you. The above points are a fair guide to the intentions of a guy but remember every individual will have his own preferences when it comes to showing interest in a girl he likes.