Kissing Game Ideas


A kiss means different things in different social situations – it can be a way to get intimate with a partner, a social greeting or a show of affection. Indeed, kisses can even make for great fun at parties too – so here are some kissing game ideas, whether you are looking to enliven a party crowd or preparing for some delicious intimacy with your beloved.

  1. Its apple-cious

    This kissing game can be played both with a lover or at parties. Choose a fairly large-sized apple and hold it in your mouth. Now the other person must bite a piece off the apple without using the fingers. But that is not the end – after the first bite, he/she must take it over from your mouth while you take the next turn at biting. After three-four times, the apple is going to get smaller and each of you will have to practically kiss the other for a bite of the apple. The game continues till the apple falls or till there is nothing left of the fruit, after which you can end it by a long smooch, if you are playing with your partner.

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  2. Roll the dice

    This kissing game is perfect when you wish to get a little more intimate with your partner. Get hold of two dice for this sexy game. After covering both of them with white tape, on one write down six body parts – like lips, earlobes, wrist, navel and so on – on each of the six faces. Similarly on the second dice, write down six different actions to be performed like kiss, lick, suck, nibble, nuzzle, blow and so on. Now take turns to roll both dice and when they land perform whatever action turns up on the body part shown.
  3. 60 seconds in heaven

    This makes for a fun game at a couples’ party. You need a bright red lipstick and a timer for this. A couple is sent in a closet for exactly one minute. During this time, they slather bright red lipstick on their lips and then kiss as many parts of their partner’s body as they can in sixty seconds. After other couples have finished taking turns, the kisses are counted and the pair that has the most lip prints is declared winners. The only hitch in this game is that some guys may balk at the prospect of applying lipstick but then what fun is a game without a touch of the incredible. Seven seconds in heaven is another variation on the same idea.
  4. Eyes wide open

    This is a common kissing game at Valentine’s Day parties or the like. You team up with your partner and start kissing each other with your eyes open and continue to do so for as long as you can. The couple who can do it longest without blinking or loosening the liplock is declared as the winning team.
  5. Very very cherry

    Here is another fun kissing game for a party among your people where all that is required is a bowl of cherries. Team up with a partner and then put a cherry into your mouth. When you both are ready,  instead of swallowing the cherry down, aim it cherry at your partner and shoot at his/her direction. Your partner then has to catch the cherry with his/her mouth and then shoot it back at you. The couple with the most catches wins and is given a prize, other than being allowed to gorge on cherries of course.
  6. Pop the balloon

    wedding receptions are another popular venue for kissing games where guests explore fun ways to demand that the bride and groom kiss each other. Traditionally, clanging of the dishes used to be the way to do this but it becoming less popular now.  Most venues prefer that guests do not hit their dishes since not only can it cause damage to the dishware but can become an annoying sound to all the guests. One way you can get the bride and groom to kiss each other is by playing pop the balloon. In this guests must pop the balloon and follow the instructions that are inside the ballroom no matter how silly it may be – these could be that the groom French kiss the bride or the bride kiss the groom on the nose and so on.
  7. Hershey kisses

    At wedding receptions, Hershey kisses make a popular kissing game as well. A bowl of Hershey kisses is placed on each guest table and every-time a guest bring a Hershey kiss to the bride/groom they kiss and then have to eat the chocolate too.
  8. Golf kisses

    At wedding parties and receptions, you can get as creative as you like with kissing games. For instance if the wedding venue is a golf course, a putting green could be set up for some fun and games. The guests try their hand and if they get a hole in one, the bride and groom kiss. If they miss they have to go back to their table and kiss someone else besides the person they are with.
  9. Spin the bottle

    This old favorite of party games is one of the best kissing games among friends ever. Several players sit/stand/kneel in a circle. A bottle is placed on the floor in the center of the circle. A player spins the bottle, and must kiss the person to whom the bottle points when it stops spinning. Best of all, this game lends itself to delightful variants as well, for instance, two players must hug within 5 seconds, otherwise, they have to kiss in 10 seconds and if that is up as well and still they haven't kissed, they have to French kiss.
  10. Suck and blow

    This is a common choice for kissing games at kids’ parties. Suck and blow involves passing a piece of paper around from mouth-to-mouth using only suction. If it falls on your attempt, you have to kiss the person who was passing it to you. The game is innocent enough.