How to Kiss a Guy - Tips and Advice


Kissing comes natural when you are in love. And yet like every other art, there is always room for improvement. And in fact the best part about kissing is that it always feels great to practice. So whether you have kissed one or ten or a hundred, use these tips before puckering up and you are sure to leave your guy begging for more.


First of all, make sure that your lips look inviting enough for a kiss. This means that you need to invest at least five minutes every day in keeping your lips soft and smooth. For this, settle for a good lotion that will moisturize your lips without leaving them sticky. This again depends on your skin type – some women tend to have drier lips than others which cold and/or dry weather makes worse. So if you are prone to dry or chapped lips, take care of them so that they feel soft and kissable to your guy.

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Go easy on the makeup

The taste of makeup is hardly the most delicious of flavors so keep the makeup on your lips light if you are going out on a romantic date. Foundation, lip liner and lip colors are not pleasant to taste and your guy make freak out if your lips are caked with all this makeup. And even though some lip glosses come in nice fruity flavors, the idea of kissing sticky lips may not appeal to all men. Finally even though this is something women are careful about, still it is worth remembering to check that your breath is fresh and pleasant-smelling before kissing your guy.

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Right time and right place

While kissing is a natural expression of love, ensure that you are not making your partner uncomfortable by choosing the wrong time or place to pucker up for him. Some ancient cultures disapprove of public displays of affection including kissing and even though your partner may be liberal enough as an individual, expecting him to kiss you in front of his family might not be a wise thing, especially if you both are not married. Again even if you and your partner don’t mind PDAs, a passionate smooch before a boss or at a somber event like a funeral is hardly appropriate.

Create the right setting

If it you are looking forward to an intimate evening with your man, it will definitely serve to kick-start your kissing session in a relaxed atmosphere. Turn off all distractions like the TV and the phone and keep the lighting muted. Let some music play in the background but keep it soft and romantic. Finally make sure that both you and your partner are physically comfortable – this may mean anything from avoiding an overly tight corset to sharply jagged furniture. Only when you and your lover are feeling relaxed and easy, can you really display your kissing prowess.

Getting down to it

It is usually a good idea to precede a kiss with body contact of some kind. Lightly resting your hand on your guy’s arms or lacing your fingers behind his head implies a sort of emotional intimacy which feels just right for a kiss. If you feel like it, you can even use the tips of your fingers to trace your partner’s jaw-line or run them through his hair to heighten the sense of pleasant anticipation. Start off by touching your partner’s lips with yours. Increase the pressure just a little bit and when he begins to respond, go ahead with a full-fledged lip-lock. You may or may not keep your eyes closed while kissing but usually a wide-eyed kiss feels kind of weird.

Variety is the spice of a kiss

The trick to making a kiss irresistible is to keep it varied. After the first burst of a passionate kiss, consider how you can make it more interesting. Some ideas are teasing your partner by repeatedly flecking his lips with your tongue which in fact is known as a lizard kiss but you need not tell him this or the guy might just get creeped out.  Or you could lightly tracing the contours of his lips using the tip of your tongue, giving him a taste – literally – of spicier things in store. Just keep in mind not to use too much of your tongue at this stage since not everyone likes to get wet at the very beginning.

Be tuned to your guy’s response

Granted that you are enjoying this very much but you also need to be aware of how your partner is responding too. If you feel your man is hesitant about opening his mouth or sets his teeth together tightly, these may be signs that you need to consider before going any further. There may be several reasons why your partner may not be comfortable with a deeper physical intimacy – he may think this is too early or worried whether you will take this as a sign of commitment on his part. On the other hand, if your guy allows you to probe the inside of his mouth while kissing or even kisses you back with passion, you can go on ahead full steam.

French kissing

A French kiss is one of the surest signs that two people are passionately in love even though it can take a while to master the finer points of this kiss. At its simplest, a French kiss involves your tongue making contact with your partner’s but then you can go on to experiment with a variety of sensations. Explore the inside of your lover’s mouth, suck on his tongue lightly and to impart that extra kick, you could even land a gentle bite on his tongue or lips. Finally vary the momentum of your passion so that you can keep breathing or you both may end up completely out of breath.

Go onto other things

If you feel you both are having a good time and you have an entire evening at your disposal, how about making your kissing marathon part of a sexual foreplay? Explore various parts of each other’s bodies like the neck, inside of the wrists, ankles and more with your kisses and feel the heat build up till you both feel ready to go the whole way.