Types of Kisses and What they Mean


Kisses are the perfect way to express the kind of emotions you feel for another person. It could be affection for a friend, support for a sibling or intense passion for a partner. So here are some types of kisses for you to send across your own special message of love.

Cheek kiss

Meaning exactly what it says, a cheek kiss is a closed mouth kiss you softly plant on another’s cheek. The kiss could be a mere peck if it is a friend or a family member you are greeting or involve just a little more skin contact if a lover is the object of your affections. In fact apart from a friendly hello, a cheek kiss can be a cute way of saying ‘thank you’ to someone or an appropriate signing off after a first date that has gone well.

Angel kiss

This is a lovely kiss that can convey volumes about emotional intimacy with a partner but you should not be in a hurry when doing it. With the tips of your lips, plant soft kisses on the other person’s eyelids or on the spot just next to the eyes. This usually makes for a romantic way to wake up your lover after spending a passionate night together.

Butterfly kiss

Hold your face only a breath away from that of your partner so that the tips of your eyelashes are touching theirs. Then blink rapidly for a few times and you will find your eyelashes fluttering together much like butterfly wings. For some variety you can also use your fluttering eyelashes to caress the other person’s forehead or down the cheek. This is a great kiss to convey tender love for your partner even though it does not actually involve the lips.

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Solo kiss

This kiss implies planting a single kiss squarely on a person’s mouth and holding the liplock for some fifteen-twenty seconds.  To make it even more passionate, take one of your partner’s lips between yours and very gently suck on it or tug a little. This is an incredibly romantic kiss and the right note to begin an evening of intimacy.

Spider-man kiss

The Spiderman kiss became the rage after the first of the Spiderman series of movies showed a thoroughly soaked Kirsten Dunst planting an upside down kiss on the deliciously boyish Toby McGuire. And even if your boyfriend does not have the power of a superhero which can dangle him head downwards from the top of the building, you can use this kiss when you are lying or even reclining together. With your partner lying face up on the ground, bring your face exactly over theirs but from the opposite direction so that your bottom lip kisses their upper lip and the other way round.

The lip gloss kiss

If you are a girl, then the lip gloss kiss can be the perfect way to have some lovey-dovey fun with your partner. First of all slather lip gloss on your lips and then kiss your boyfriend in a way that his lips are also coated with the gloss. To make the kiss even more flirtatious, experiment with different flavored lip glosses and then ask your partner to guess the flavor correctly.

Earlobe kiss

Give your partner’s mouth a rest this time by focusing on their earlobes. Take their earlobe lightly between your lips and gently pull at it with a tugging motion. For a higher passion quotient, lick it a little with your tongue or suck on it very lightly.

Eskimo kiss

Based on an actual form of greeting followed in the Eskimo culture, this kiss involves you and your partner rubbing noses back and forth against each other. Probably influenced by the extreme climatic conditions of the Arctic – when the nose is the only exposed part of the body – the Eskimo kiss is a lovely way of expressing affectionate love for your partner.

French kiss

There are kisses and then there is the French kiss. Probably the most popular way to express passionate love for a partner, it is also one of the most difficult to master. Basically French is an open-mouthed kiss where your tongue touches that of your partner. You can start out with a firm kiss on the other person’s lips and then use your tongue to gently nudge open their mouth. Follow with a tender exploration of the inside of their mouth and when things get going, lock your tongue with your partner’s and get ready to put forth all your passion. The best part about this kiss is that it lends itself well to all sorts of variations ranging from a lighter version with just a hint of the tongue to a more aggressive kind where your tongues seemed to be stuck together. Just one tip, though – don’t forget to breathe.

Secret message kiss

While French kissing your sweetheart, spell out your very own message of love with the tip of your tongue against theirs. Initially your partner might wonder what’s going on, but when – and if – they make it out, it will be your special secret, to be hinted at or giggle over later in midst of other company. Don’t feel silly even if your partner has not been able to decipher your message – after all you had fun doing it and that is what really matters.

Neck kiss

Yet another kiss, some say inspired by French lovers, which is as sensual as it is romantic, is the Neck kiss. Trail your lips down your lover’s neck, planting small firm kisses and nibbling too for a more varied effect. However go light on the saliva and avoid sucking hard or biting. When you reach the nape, use a stronger pressure with your lips and you are mostly likely to feel your sweetheart shiver with excitement. The neck kiss is actually a great way to initiate foreplay if you looking for a night of lovemaking with your partner.


A hickey is a red mark that is left on the skin when someone sucks hard on it. Though not technically a kiss and actually a bruise which forms beneath the skin, some people may find a hickey uncomfortable or even painful. On the other hand the pressure exerted by a hickey may seem delicious to some lovers in the heat of passion. So before you feel like making a love impression on your partner, make sure they are OK with it.