Foreplay Ideas to Get your Woman in the Mood


Among the many differences between men and women when it comes to sex, foreplay has long been a mystery for most guys. While they do want to make an effort to their women to get in the mood, they are often unsure of how to go about it. Add to this the very real problem that different things turn on different women and you have a very real concern at your hands. Here are though some great foreplay ideas which are not only certain to arouse your partner but can be a source of pleasure for you as well by way of anticipating the good things to come.

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Whisper sweet-nothings

You may roll your eyes when relationship experts tell you that the best foreplay begins outside the bedroom, but nothing could be truer. Women need to be courted in a romantic way before they can feel comfortable enough to let you approach them intimately. So whisper sweet nothings in her ear, telling her how attractive she looks or how much her love means to you. At this stage refrain from sexual talk since this is more about her getting into the mood for love so that desire follows naturally. All this is will make more sense if you keep in mind that it is important for women to feel loved and appreciated if they are to respond to you sexually.

Take a walk

Incredible as it may seem, you can in fact begin your foreplay even in the outdoors. Go for a late evening walk with your girl, if this is the kind of thing she likes. Lace your fingers together or hold her lightly around the waist. Be in tune with her step and tell her how much you love her and why. When the moment is right, you can even kiss her lightly on the lips, provided both of you are comfortable with PDAs. In fact indulging in subtle romantic action in public can be highly arousing for some couples. Trace the outlines of her face with your fingertips and gaze long and deep in your eyes – and before you know it, she may be tugging you indoors.

Read to her

While visual images seem to be more effective in arousing guys, women are intensely cued to sound and language. Thus if your girl is the literary sort, woo her by reading aloud a love poem or a passage from a romantic novel. Based on your partner’s interest you can go the classic way quoting intensely passionate lines from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet or something more modern like My Love by E. E. Cummings which contains an erotic description of the beloved and the poet’s desire for her. The idea is to set her imagination aflame with your words so that your woman can not help but come closer to you in body as well.

Play a game

For those couples who are not great fans of the written word, something more active like an adult game may get the love juices flowing. There are a whole lot of you can choose from – strip versions of popular games like poker and checkers to out and out romantic games like Embrace which even comes three different levels, romantic, intimacy and erotic. Here players move their playing pieces throughout the playing board and take turns revealing sexually intimate thoughts and feelings, sharing fantasies and performing sensual challenges with each other – all perfectly suitable for developing physical intimacy. For a greater level of action, you can choose to play Twister or indulge in some tasty, sticky fun with Strip Chocolate. Romantic games are great for having fun and if continued in the right spirit can lead on to satisfying foreplay as well.

Kiss with clothes on

A seasoned lover will never tire of pointing out how important is kissing a woman in order to get her in the mood. You could start out with kissing your girl gently on her lips and then as she responds by arching her back or pulling you close, go on to use your tongue to explore her mouth as well as her neck and earlobes. The inside of a woman’s wrists, the back of her knees, her feet and palm are other erogenous zones that when touched and caressed in the right way can send shivers down her spine and leave her yearning for more.

Dance to music

Dancing is one of the most effective ways of getting a woman in the mood – the slow rhythm of a romantic song and the close proximity of a lover can create a highly intimate setting. Put on her favorite slow dance number and as the music flows, take your partner by her hand. Wrap your arms around her waist and bring her close to you. Maintain eye contact and occasionally brush her cheeks with your lips; as she becomes more responsive, kiss her mouth and stroke her body lovingly while keeping your hips close together so that you both are moving and loving in the same rhythm.  

Have dessert

Don’t fret if you are not cut out for dancing. Pamper her with goodies and in no turn you will have her begging for more. Lay out a spread of dainty bites of chocolates, colorful berries or a full-bodied red wine as these have been known to possess aphrodisiac properties. Feed each other luscious berries or play a kissing game where you hold an ice cube in your mouth and challenge your girl to take it from you without dropping. The winner of course gets to ask for an erotic favor. Other tasty foreplay ideas that can turn on a woman would be body painting with chocolate or whipped caream  and then using your tongue to lick them off.  

Take a bath

The bath can be an ideal setting for some intimate action. To get this right, start with the setting is right. Use muted lighting to create a romantic effect and play some soft music in the background. Run a warm bath and sprinkle a few drops of essential oil to take the sensuality a few notches higher. Invite your girl to disrobe step in but do not get sexual right away. Instead use the foam or a soft loofah to stroke her body. A woman’s body, especially the erogenous zones are highly sensitive to touch. So when you are caressing her breasts or stimulating her clitoris, make sure you use a light touch to begin with then as you go on, let your partner guide you through the foreplay. However there are certain regions like her buttocks and thighs which can tolerate a greater amount of pressure but still it is a good idea to be using her responses as a signal of where to be gentle and where to use a heavier touch.

Give each other a massage

One of the few things that are guaranteed to loosen a woman’s inhibitions and get her in the mood is a massage or a relaxing footrub. Massages can be used both to relax and awaken the senses. If you are planning the massage as part of a sexual experience, decide on a massage which will entice your partner’s senses and provide the right stimulus for sexual arousal. Some essential oils which are believed to excite the senses are peppermint and orange. On the other hand, if you want to create a relaxing effect, you could go for lavender or patchouli essences. When using an essential oil, remember to add only a few drops to a base oil like almond or olive oil. Some people can have an allergic reaction to essential oils so it is a good idea to know what you are doing. Alternative to massage oils are lotions and light moisturizers which also act as a lubricating medium on the body. As in above, create the right ambience by Lighting scented candles or keeping aromatic pouches around since certain fragrances like rose and sandal have been known to heighten desire among women.

Pillow talk

Finally the best foreplay ideas are those that come from your partner. Once you are comfortable in an intimate setting, ask your partner if she would like you to act out a fantasy of hers. Tell her to share with you what turns her on and see if you can incorporate those ideas in your foreplay. As your kiss and caress her, encourage her to make her pleasure known and guide your mouth or fingers where she would like more stimulation. Pillow talk can again make for a highly charged eroticism – so share and talk about your sexual fantasies and pleasures and before long, your partner will be ready to go the last lap.