Romantic Adult Games - Sex Games to Play with your Partner

Playfulness is an element that every relationship should have a healthy dose of. If you can't share some ridiculous baby talk or moments of utter lunacy with your partner then who can you share them with? Incorporating some of this playfulness into the bedroom can have a “best of both worlds” sort of appeal, as it allows you to enjoy the wonderful silliness that comes with a truly intimate relationship while also adding a new component to your sex life, helping it to avoid ever becoming boring (which winds up becoming the fate of far too many sexual relationships unfortunately). Here are some great sex games to try out next time you and your partner get in the mood.

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The most basic sex game that everyone should give a try (because everyone has fantasies) is role playing. Role playing basically consists of acting out some sexual fantasy or another as if it were reality. The “professor and student” is a popular choice as well as “nurse and patient”, “repairman and housewife” etc. Sometimes putting yourself in this make believe world that sort of mimics the impossibilities of fantasies often presented in pornography can have quite an arousing effect on both partners. Forbidden or taboo fantasies such as rape, if agreed to by both parties, can also be quite exciting to act out (in a “so wrong it's right” kind of way).

While not exactly a sex game (I suppose you can spin the term however you want to; this is definitely fun), playing with food in the bedroom essentially combines mankind's two primary biological goals (sustenance and reproduction) in a delightful way. The blending of ephemerally enjoyable sensations can be quite a pleasant deviation from basic sexual interactions. Whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and honey are good choices but virtually any sweet food has potential so don't hold back. Whipped cream over a woman's nipples is a classic for beginners to the idea.

Truth or dare is the dirty game of choice for young teens acting on their wild hormones, but it can be more than a little exciting for the adult couple as well. It can bring back that sort of naughty feeling of youthful sexual exploration but with the added bonus of actually being able to do more than just “explore” once the tension has built. You may also uncover some very interesting things about your partner that you hadn't known before while playing truth or dare. Lap dances, full body massages and stripteases are some ideas for the dare category, and asking about sexual fantasies or sexual experiences (if jealousy's not a big issue between you and your partner) is always fun when truth comes up.

Strip poker can be an enjoyable way for boyfriends to teach their girlfriends how to play poker (which is fun in and of itself; there's a reason it's developed into the most popular card game in the world) and at the same time have some youthful deviant style fun. If you and your partner already know the game well then you can skip the learning and go straight to the stripping. This game doesn't quite have the replay value as some of the others listed here (strip poker every week would get monotonous, except maybe for those couples with two partners both particularly enthusiastic about poker) but for a one time or once in a while thing it can be quite fun. If you need a refresher on the rules of poker just type “poker rules” into any search engine (the rules aren't difficult). I find that 'Texas hold 'em and five card draw' are the best formats for beginners to the game.

Yahtzee is a fairly easy game to adapt to intimate situations. Just write down 12 things you'd like for your partner to do to you on pieces of paper and fold them up, writing a number (2-12) on the outside. Have your partner do the same and the setup is complete. Roll two dice and select the piece of paper (from your partner's pile) that corresponds to the number you rolled. The nature of the game can be romantic or more sexual depending on what sorts of things you decide to write down (“sing me song”, “foot rub” as opposed to “go down on me”), so this game has quite a few possibilities. Throwing in the occasional curveball like “go get me a beer” can be funny as well. If you can come up with different ideas then this game can be played many times and it's always fun.

“Hands Off” is a sex game of sorts with a very simple concept and a wealth of potential. All you have to do is keep your hands to yourself. Everyone is conditioned to use their hands constantly during sex to improve the experience so this game in some ways will be a test of will power and self control, but it pays off. Without your hands coming into play, you'll find yourself relying on other parts of your body (mouth, genitals, torso etc.) in a way that you never have before. Once the creativity really starts to flow this is a great game for sparking up actual intercourse (where most sex games are more centered around foreplay).

Everyone's sex life needs some variety. Getting caught in a rut where you and your partner just sort of go through the motions and nothing ever significantly changes is a recipe for dissatisfaction from both sides. Occasionally (or frequently) enjoying some fun sex games is a perfect way to keep your love life from getting dull or routine. The non-sexual aspects of utilizing sex games as a part of lovemaking are very rewarding as well, so what do you have to lose by trying?