5 Things Women Find Boring in Bed

Physical intimacy is so matter of personal preferences that it is difficult to lay down as a rule what all women will enjoy. There are how certain things which most women are apt to find boring and if you find your girl yawning more often than moaning in bed with you, maybe you are doing one of these.

  1. Asking permission before going ahead

    Admittedly women are looking for partners who are caring and sensitive in bed; but really asking permission to touch or kiss her is taking things a bit far. If you are waiting for your girlfriend to spell it out that she wants you to go ahead, you will not only come off as boring but also insecure and lacking in confidence. Men who are truly sexy are able to get the message across with subtle, non-verbal signals like perhaps an intense look or a particular kind of touch. This makes them not only extremely desirable but acts as an effective turn-on for many women. After all acts of suggestion and implication are far more attractive than stating the obvious.
  2. Always having sex in the same place

    Relationship experts point out that one of the easiest ways to perk up your sex life is to try out a new venue. So if you have never ventured out of your bedroom, for the next time do it on the dining table or on the living room sofa. Indeed some couples claim that they get a thrill out of making love in partially visible spaces, like perhaps before a window where the curtain is not fully drawn. If you don’t want to try out anything quite so risqué, you can take your partner for some fun and frolic in the shower. Run a warm bath, add a few drops of aromatic oil and get in together for a warm soak followed by slow relaxed lovemaking. Do it in the car if you want to go back to the time when you were young and have few places to make out. Yet another option is to take it outdoors – a secluded spot in the woods or on the beach would be a great idea as long as you are careful not to get caught on the wrong side of law.

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  3. Getting caught in a predictable routine

    This is a killjoy particularly for partners who have been together for quite some time. While in the earlier phase of a relationship, you are still in the process of discovering each other sexually, over time you are so tuned into what your partner is going to do next that there is rarely any element of surprise. The best thing you can do to wake your girlfriend is to shake up your lovemaking routine. Dress up in something sexy if she has never seen you doing that. Play a different kind of music in the background or add a special lighting effect. Most importantly make love in a different way – juggle the steps leading to the main stuff or include new moves in your foreplay. All this will make your lovemaking less routine and enhance the unpredictability of the experience, thus making it all the more enjoyable.
  4. Not experimenting enough

    Even if you vary your lovemaking every now and then, playing it safe may have its own disadvantages. Though your woman may look forward to having sex with you, she knows that there will be little excitement in the form of the new or the unexplored and this feeling over the time can be a tad boring. So get rid of your good boy image and be a little bolder; bring in some experimentation or even an element of the risqué to your bedroom. Try out a few moves you may have picked up from a magazine or a website. Indulging in role-play is often a great way to spice things up. You could for instance gear up in leather and straps if your partner’s fancies run that way. Indeed let an evening be devoted solely to the sharing of mutual sexual fantasies and then seeing how far you can comply with each other’s requests. On the other hand if all this seems too radical for you, bring home a couple of lover’s games – it could be the adult version of Twister, a naughty Strip Poker or any of the card games which ask a player to write down his/her fantasies and has the other one act them out. It goes without saying though that you should stick to what is comfortable for both of you – just be a little more experimental so that your woman is pleasantly surprised at how naughty and imaginative you can be in bed.
  5. Going the extra mile

    You may be making all the right moves in bed and still you find that you cannot awake your partner’s interest. This is the time to consider how you have been treating her outside the bedroom. Men often make the mistake of thinking that sex starts in the bedroom while in fact, small gestures like giving your partner a romantic cuddle or lacing her fingers with yours can be intimate as well. While the bedroom is undoubtedly the most comfortable place of having sex, if you wait until you get there to begin making love, it might be too late for your partner to come up with feelings of sexual desire. Rather keeping loving your wife in non-sexual ways even when you are not having sex – this will not only make your woman respond to you with greater interest and passion but in the end, even you may find the slow build-up to a sexual encounter much more satisfying.