51 Places to have Sex

One of the best ways to make your love life exciting is to get adventurous! Here are fifty places you can have sex.

  1. On the kitchen table
  2. On the carpet
  3. On the floor
  4. On the couch
  5. In the garden
  6. On a secluded beach
  7. In the woods
  8. In a trial room
  9. In the back seat of a car while someone else is driving it!
  10. On the office desk
  11. In a cinema hall
  12. On a hill, overlooking a beautiful valley

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  13. On a garden bench
  14. On a flight when everyone's sleeping - you're going to need a lot of space tho' and economy seats just won't make it possible.
  15. In public transportation, bus or train at an unearthly hour when no one's around.
  16. In the swimming pool
  17. When taking a shower together
  18. Inside a cave
  19. On a construction site
  20. On a billiards table
  21. By playing strip poker
  22. In the bath tub
  23. By the fireplace or a bonfire
  24. In a tent, under the stars
  25. In a hotel honeymoon suite. Book one even if you've been married ten years!
  26. In the rain or snow
  27. On the roof
  28. In a barn, enjoy a roll in the hay!
  29. In the countryside
  30. In a library
  31. In a field of flowers
  32. At the stroke of dawn, in the outdoors
  33. In the elevator
  34. In a sauna bath
  35. In a Jacuzzi
  36. In a hot air balloon
  37. In the sea
  38. When watching a movie at the drive-in
  39. On a boat under the moonlight
  40. In a Limousine while you're driven around
  41. In a vineyard
  42. In a phone booth
  43. On a golf course
  44. At a restaurant
  45. At a graveyard
  46. In a public restroom
  47. In bed with rose petals, scented candles and soft music.
  48. Under a waterfall
  49. In your backyard
  50. In a shopping mall
  51. At a place of historical importance - an old fort or palace