Wolfberry aka Goji Berry as an Aphrodisiac for Men

Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and sexual love, aphrodisiacs have held great fascination humans across ages and cultures. Foods, herbs and even animal parts have used in the belief that they would heighten sexual desire. While some of these may work to stimulate sex hormones, most work by keeping the body fit for good sexual health. One such food is Wolfberry, also known as Goji berry, which has a long history of aphrodisiacal use, especially in China.

What is Goji Berry

Wolfberry or Goji berry is the fruit of a plant whose botanical name is Lycium barbarum. This is a kind of berry which looks like red, pointy raisins. Native to Asia and southeastern Europe, goji berry belongs to the Solanaceae family of plants. The fruits have long been used by the Chinese for its nutritional and healing properties. In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, there are several accounts of the berries being consumed for improving male fertility and as an aphrodisiac.

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How goji berry works as an aphrodisiac

In popular imagination, the attractive colors and erotic shapes of berries like goji berries and cranberries go very well with their supposed properties as aphrodisiacs. However as is usually the case with most traditional knowledge, the reputation of goji berries in helping the course of love is based on its proven nutritional and therapeutic properties.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are numerous account of goji berry being used to improve male fertility and sexual performance. Modern research undertaken in Beijing has shown that the berries contain a complex of polysaccharides known as LBP which may offer some kind of protective action to sperm cells. The aphrodisiacal powers reputed to be possessed by goji berries may also owe something to the fact that the berries have been proved in modern studies to aid the body’s adrenal system which controls most of the working of the sex hormones.

Like most other berries, goji berries too are powerhouses of nutrients which are essential for sexual health. The fruit is a rich source of Vitamin B1, B2, B6, A, C and even E which is generally not found in fruits. Vitamin A besides improving vision also helps the circulatory system of the body. Proper circulation is essential for taking oxygen-rich blood to the sex organs among men which in turn is necessary for erectile function. Vitamin C on the other hand is essential for the smooth functioning of the sex glands. More than that, the vitamin is proven to boost the immunity system of the body which is crucial for a healthy sex life. Only when the body is free of infections, will it have the ability to enjoy a sexual experience.

Loaded with vital minerals, goji berries are rich sources of anti-oxidant nutrients. Anti-oxidants are chemical compounds that protect the body from damage by free radicals and other agents of decay. This makes anti-oxidants a powerful tool in fighting infections as well as maintaining vigor and vitality of the body, all of which are crucial for enjoying a healthy sex life. Other berries rich in anti-oxidants are cranberries, blueberries and raspberries and like them goji berries too contain a chemical known as anthyacin. It is this compound which give the berries their intense and rich colors and so more colorful the berries, the richer it is in anti-oxidant properties. Medical research has found that anthyacin revs up the circulatory system of the body, improves vision, fights off infections and well as signs of aging, thus making the body fit and supple for lovemaking.

Studies have shown that goji berries contain chemicals known as flavonoids which are useful in preventing the narrowing of arteries in the heart. Additionally, goji berries help the body to increase levels of an enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which is necessary to fight against lipid peroxidation. High levels of lipid peroxides in the body can lead to a range of heart diseases and adequate amounts of SOD are needed to keep lipid peroxides in check. In this way, consuming goji berries is good for cardiovascular health and anything which aids the functioning of a healthy heart indirectly contributes to a healthy sex life as well.

Again like other berries, goji berries too are rich natural sources of fiber. Making fiber part of the daily diet is one of the best ways of preventing obesity and maintaining the right body weight. To enjoy sex, one must keep the body weight within normal limits and in this way, goji berries can help one stay lean and ready for amorous action. Other than indirectly aiding one’s love life, intake of fiber has also been shown to manage diabetes, lower cholesterol in blood and prevent cancer in the colon.

How are goji berries used

These berries can be consumed in various forms but to get the most of its nutritional benefits they are best taken fresh. Since the fresh berries are not very tart, the berry can be eaten raw. Fresh goji berry juice is another good option. Dried goji berries can be sprinkled on cereals and salads while a delectable tea too can be made from goji berries according to ancient Chinese recipes. As a nutritional supplement, around 30 – 70 ml of the berry is usually recommended by naturopathists.

Side effects of goji berry

Consumption of Goji berry is unlikely to lead to side effects but eating the fruit in excessive quantities may cause digestive problems. A published report indicates that there may be some interaction between undefined goji berry phytochemicals and warfarin metabolism. So people taking warfarin medication should be careful of consuming the berry. Another study finds that goji berry may contain atropine but in the natural state the amount is too less to prove toxic.

Known as “happy berries” in ancient China, the phrase is an apt indication of the numerous health benefits obtained from goji berries. Its aphrodisiacal powers were held in high regard in traditional Chinese medicine which finds an echo in the popular Chinese proverb that “He who travels one thousand kilometers from home should not eat goji”. While modern medicine may not find direct effect of goji berries on sexual performance of men, the fact that the fruit is hugely beneficial for vitality, longevity and overall health continues to be proven in an increasing number of studies.