10 Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend


A relationship, especially one which has been around for some time, needs to have an element of fun in order to retain its appeal. And one of the best ways to keep it lively is to include lots of lovely surprises. So here are ten ways to surprise your girlfriend and spice up your relationship.

Write her a love letter $ROMANCE-TIPS-OPTIN3$

In these times of email and instant messaging, hand-written letters seem to hark back to the Ice Age. But not so for lovers. Whether she admits it or not, your girlfriend is sure to swoon over a piece of paper expressing your feelings and actually written out in pen by you. So get hold of some fine hand-made paper and pour forth your thoughts about what makes her special and why you are never ever going to let go of her. In fact take your romantic imagination a step further and see if you can come up with a love poem composed only for your beloved. Make it a sensual affair by adding a spritz of your favorite perfume on its pages. As technology makes bewildering advances and communication becomes faster than before, a hand-written love letter only heightens the association of romance, intimacy and sincerity.

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Send her flowers

This idea might seem rather conventional and hardly likely to surprise your girlfriend but the trick lies in the timing. Send your beloved her favorite blooms when she is least expecting it, like on an ordinary weekday or a busy working day when a birthday or a special occasion like Valentine’s Day is nowhere in sight. In fact the right venue also makes a great difference; so instead of letting her receive the bouquet at home, have it delivered at her workplace where she can display it before cheering co-workers or maybe even a couple of jealous female colleagues.

Cook her dinner

Gone are the days when a guy would rather survive on canned food rather than enter a kitchen. Today men can rustle up a quick pasta and prepare the most exotic of dishes with equal élan. And yet lack of time and energy at the end of the day leaves both men and women hardly in the mood for expending any more effort on home-cooked suppers and settle for the convenience of takeaways or at the most heat-and-serve meals. So what would make a nicer surprise for your girlfriend that cooking her favorite dinner as she stumbles in after a grueling day at work? Let it be a simple three-course or even a casserole paired with some nice bread. Only make sure that the food is freshly made and piping hot and you will have your girlfriend eating out of your hand for the next five days.

Do her chores

However if you want to wring a pure, unadulterated gasp of surprise from your girlfriend, let her come back from a regular working day and find that you have completed several of the chores around the house. Doing the dishes, clearing the pile of dirty laundry and vacuuming the house are only a few of the things that you can get started with. While these may not seem the most romantic of things to do for a beloved, you can rest assured that nothing will surprise a woman more than clear evidence of a guy who has taken it upon himself to finish chores and that too without being asked to do so.

Dedicate a song to her

One of the nicest ways to let your partner know that you have been thinking of her is by dedicating a song to her on her favorite radio music show. This gesture of love will not only catch your girlfriend off guard but melt her heart on hearing the song that has been requested to play for her by her lover. The only catch is making sure she has the radio on when the show is on air and she doesn’t find you out, making the call to the radio station. Eventually this can go on to make your very special love-song and symbolize the unique thing you share with each other.

Invite her family over

This is one gesture that will as much impress your girlfriend as it is likely to surprise her. Keep a Sunday afternoon free to host her folks at your place and then casually ring up your partner and ask her over too. In order to keep the meeting a surprise, you might need to rope in her parents into the plan with the request that they don’t reveal anything about the lunch date. Your girlfriend will not only let out a gasp seeing her family at your place but truly realize how much you love her for doing this. However this is a good idea only when your beloved shares warm ties with her family; if there are family problems or her parents don’t get along with each other, it would be wiser to keep away.

Act it out

If you feel that your lovemaking routine has become too monotonous and even a tad boring, perhaps it is time to shake up things a little. So the next time when your girlfriend sends out feelers, ditch the usual routine of kissing-undressing-foreplay and instead act out a role from the deepest recesses of her sexual fantasies. It could be as wacky or erotic as you both like but one thing is sure - it will be a long time before your girlfriend complains that your sex life is predictable.

Rub it in

For those of you who think role playing is a little too risqué, there is yet another way to spring a sensual surprise on your girlfriend. After a particularly hectic day at work, ask her to undress and slip on a robe. And just when she is ready to roll her eyes and give you a thousand reasons why she is not in the mood, lead her to the bedroom which you have already got ready for a slow, relaxing massage. At the end of it, your beloved will not only thank you for a wonderful surprise but who knows even feel energized enough for some steamy action.

Whisk her away

If you are not afraid to do a little co-coordinating, plan a surprise vacation for your girlfriend. This will of course require flight bookings and hotel reservations, not to mention rescheduling your own work. And the trickiest part is bound to be getting your girlfriend to take off from work if she has a full-time job. However the look of happy incredulity in her eyes when you hand over the flight and hotel tickets is definitely going to be worth all the planning and plotting you may have gone through to this end.

A girl’s best friend

You can never go wrong with diamonds and for all those guys who cannot be bothered to cook dinner or plan a vacation for their girlfriends, jewelry works out just fine. However once again make sure that no special occasions are round the corner and then slip in the jewelry box with the solitaire inside. The bigger the stone, the brighter her eyes will sparkle with happy surprise which will of course make everything worth the while.