Romantic ideas and things to do

"He never does anything romantic any more." Isn’t that a complaint you’ve often heard from much-married women about their spouses? Romance is often associated with the initial days of courtship and dating. It seems to fly out of the window once couples start living together or get married.


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When couples are dating, romance flourishes because of the need to impress the woman and win her over. Once she’s your's romance takes a backseat. And that’s when life becomes boring and predictable. Romance adds a certain zing to your love life. And why is it the man who must take sole responsibility for it? If two individuals are equal partners in a relationship, then women too must do their part to keep the romance alive!

Depending on the resources at hand – time, energy, money – you can choose from a variety of options to make your loved one feel special. Let's start with a few ideas:

1. Be demonstrative

We human beings are tactile creatures and a loving touch or a cuddle goes a long way. If you’re going for a hug, you have quite a few options – a loving embrace, a bear hug or those ‘I never want to let you go’ ones! A kiss can say more than a thousand words whether it is a peck on the cheek, a smooch or a no-holds-barred French kiss!

2. Express yourself

Although your partner knows you feel deeply about him/her it never hurts to say it. Tell them just how much they mean to you and say 'those three words'! Saying ‘I love you’ often (and meaning it) won’t sound clichéd, it will only make your beloved feel more special.

3. Put it down on paper

Write a little love note and slip it into your partner's wallet, bag, pocket, or attach it to their key ring…somewhere accessible but where they would least expect to find it! If you’ve got the time, write a love letter. It has surely been ages since you did that!

4. Plan a romantic getaway

Escape from the monotony and routine of everyday life and make the effort to spend some quality time together.

5. Make use of technology

Take them by surprise and if you’ve never done it before, send them a text message, an email or even an e-card just to tell them you love them and can’t wait till you meet to tell them so.

6. "I just called to say I love you"

Stevie Wonder knew what he was talking about when he suggested this in his song. Call each other up just to tell them you’ve been thinking of them all day. Better still, send your beloved 'no reason flowers'. The flowers and the surprise element will charm her. Choose from florists we've shortlisted.

7. Take a walk on the beach

Walk in each other’s footprints, chase the waves or write love letters in the sand!

8. Rent a movie

Make sure it’s the kind you both like, whether it’s a comedy or a romance, and share a bowl of popcorn. Action movies and thrillers aren’t exactly conducive to handholding!

9. Compliment each other

It’s important to make each other feel good. If you like his new haircut or she’s looking great, tell them so.

10. Buy him/her a gift

Especially if you know they want something really badly or have denied themselves something. Make it more interesting by setting up a treasure hunt and giving them clues to where it’s hidden. You might conveniently place it under a pillow on the bed so you ensure that you end up there!

11. Play strip poker

This is one game it's fun to lose…your clothes and your inhibitions!

12. Or how about…

• Watching a sunset’s a magical place to be!

• Lying in your yard at night and counting the stars

• Riding a tandem cycle

• Showering together

• Going out to dinner

• Going to a drive-in (not so much to watch a movie but to neck!)

• Going for a drive in the rain

• Playing your special song and reliving memories, maybe even slow-dancing

• Spend an afternoon going over cards you gave each other when you were dating (provided you’ve saved them)

13. Some Ideas Especially For Men

• Set up a candlelight dinner (order in, especially if she’s cooking all the time)

• Serenade her (if you play an instrument)

• Take her to a karaoke bar and dedicate a song to her

• Give her flowers

• Turn up at her workplace to take her out to lunch

• Give her a massage

14. Some ideas especially for women

• Wear sexy lingerie

• Bake heart-shaped cookies

• Use his shaving foam to write "I love you" on the mirror

• Put on a strip-tease show