Creative Dating Ideas for Married Couples


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life demanding us to always be on the move, some times we forget to take a time out for ourselves, and our marriage. Coordinating schedules can be quite hectic nowadays, but some times fate works in our favor, and a free night appears.


So, the two of you have a free evening, now what? Are you one of those couples that don’t know what to do with free time when it appears? Something that only comes along once in a blue moon must have a bit of unfamiliarity attached to it. Here are several creative scenarios for the married couple who just don’t know what to do.

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1. Picnicking in the Playground 

So tell me, when is the last time you tumbled down a giant slide? Swung from the monkey bars? Flew high in the sky in a swing? Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that make our memories so wonderful. Create a romantic evening at a local park or playground for just the two of you. Carry your picnic basket full of goodies with you, and don’t forget the blanket. If it’s a slightly windy day, you may even want to bring along some kites!

2. Down at the Drive-In 

Ahh, the nostalgia is rushing over me as I picture a young couple in love, sitting in the front seat of the car, watching an old drive-in movie. He starts to put his arm around her, but wait…is he being too fresh? Don’t worry; it’s okay if you are married! Just don’t forget the popcorn!

3. Sail Away 

Do the two of you enjoy the water? Then it might be a fun idea to partake in a fancy dinner cruise. Good food, good entertainment, good company…what more could you want? A more luxurious spin on this date would be to rent your own yacht for the day, and cruise out on the water alone...but only if one of you know how to maneuver the thing!

4. Night at the Museum

You are never too old to learn, and museums never stop being fun to visit! Check out a local museum that is featuring an interesting, new exhibit, and maybe a stroll through an art district afterwards.

5. Moonlight Madness 

Going back to the simple things, how about a nice dinner under the stars? Grab some take-out from your favorite restaurant, and spend the night in a park, on the mountain, or even in your own back yard, just talking and gazing at the stars. See if you can spot all the constellations!

6. Grab Your Dancing Shoes

Check out the scene at a local dance or jazz club. Everyone says they can’t dance, but I believe there is a small part of all of us just dying to cut a rug! You never know just how much fun you can have out on a dance floor.

7. Take Me Out to the Ball Game 

Who said dates had to be all mushy and romantic? This idea has got to be every man’s dream date! Grab some hot dogs at the snack bar, and root on your favorite team. If the two of you are split in your opinions of who will win the game, maybe a little friendly wager could come into play!

8. Just Drive

Love the feeling of the wind in your hair? Get your hands on a convertible (maybe you own one, know someone who owns one, or can get a rental), let the top down, and just go for a drive with no destination in mind.

9. Rolling in Love 

Bring out the kid in you (and test your balance!) at the local rolling rink. Don’t have a rink nearby? Then just grab a pair of skates at a sporting goods store, and zoom down the sidewalk. If you want to try this idea in the winter, you can visit an ice skating rink, or just use a frozen pond!

10. Whoa Horsey! 

Horse drawn carriage rides are one of the most romantic activities to partake in. Why not treat your lady to a nice stroll through the park in one?

11. Helicopter Ride

This idea is for the more daring, fearless couples. Being high in the air, but still close enough to see the land, is an excellent sightseeing experience. Try to do this one in a big city. Flying around the landmarks and skyscrapers is a rush!

12. Dinner for Two

This is the more traditional date idea, but it is no less romantic. Reserve a table at the most expensive restaurant in your area, don your most formal clothing, and dine like a king and queen! Rent a limo to pick you up and take you home…trust me, it will make you feel, and look, like a celebrity!

13. Surprise, Surprise! 

This is one of my favorite ways to organize a date…by having only ONE person plan it! Decide who it will be this time, and the only thing the other can know is when to be ready. Use any of the above ideas, or incorporate your own!

14. Hiking 

The mountains are a wonderful place to relax and see some of nature’s most beautiful qualities. Strap on a pack and spend the day wondering down trails, and be sure to bring a camera. Stop at all the overlooks for some great pictures, and don’t forget to pack a lunch!

15. Bicycling 

This is a spin of the hiking idea, but instead you venture through the mountains on bicycles. If you are not much of an outdoorsman (or woman), rent a two-seater and ride through the park instead.

16. Fore! 

No, I am not talking about the sport Tiger Woods participates in (though it could be an idea as well), but the child version: Miniature golf! Put your putting skills to the test, and then make a stop at the ice cream shop afterwards.

17. Weekend Getaway 

Who said dates have to last one night? Rent a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, and enjoy the peaceful time spent alone.

The most important thing about a date is that the two of you have fun. You two are the only ones who know what you will and will not like to do. Plan something you will both enjoy, and maybe even something that neither of you have done before. The worst that can happen is you learn that you never want to do it again!