50 Ideas to Write Love Notes for your Husband

Love notes are a wonderful way to express your affection for a partner, especially if you want your gesture to be simple and meaningful. Best of all, they can be seamlessly integrated within the daily business of living so you don’t have to wait for a special occasion or a financial windfall to tell your spouse how much he means to you. So here are some ideas to write love notes to your husband and which are sure to increase the intimacy between you two.


Write a note saying ‘You are the best thing that ever happened to me’ and leave it within the pages of a book he is reading.

‘Can’t wait for you to be back home’ – scrawl the words on a piece of paper and leave it for your husband to find it among his work papers.

Slip in a love note saying ‘You are one in a million’ inside your husband’s wallet.

One of the most interesting places to hide a love note would be his shoe; let the note saying something like, “I love you with my heart and ‘sole’”.

Write down a note wishing him ‘Good Morning’ and leave it in his favorite cereal box.

Or you could tape a love note to the coffeemaker saying “you are the sun lighting up my life”.

On the day that you are preparing your spouse’s lunch box, slip in a note with romantic words like, ‘Loving you has made my world complete’.

Inside the sleeve of your husband’s favorite music CD, leave a message saying, ‘Your words are music to my ears’.

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Steam up the bathroom and scrawl a message on the mirror with the words, ‘Your smile is the loveliest sight in this world’.

If you are leaving home after him and he is supposed to return before you, use alphabetical refrigerator magnets to spell out, ‘I love you’. He is sure to open the refrigerator to get a sandwich and when he does that, he will find your message.

When you are preparing dinner, cut out the words ‘Crazy about you’ from cheese slices or with salad vegetables and present it along with the rest of the dishes on the table.


In your spouse’s vehicle, you can leave a single rose by the passenger seat with a note tied saying ‘I cannot go through a single day without telling you how much I love you’.

Alternatively you can hide a love note in the glove box saying something like ‘You make me want to be a better person’.

If your husband is leaving for a business trip, slip in a love note inside his travel bag, ‘Every moment that we are apart, you are in my thoughts’.

Write the words ‘Switch me on instead’ on a piece of paper and wrap it around the TV remote.

If you have a house telephone, leave a love note beneath it saying something like “your heart calls out to mine”.

‘One moment with you is eternal bliss’ – these words wrapped around your husband’s wristwatch or bedside clock could make for a romantic note.

Leave a note saying ‘You are the answer to my prayers’ on your husband’s prayer book, rosary or any other religious item that he owns.

Tuck in a note in his pillowcase saying ‘Every night I dream of you’.

Inside his diary or day planner, slip in a note with the words, ‘I am counting seconds before we meet’.

You can tape a note saying ‘I cherish all the memories that we have made together’ on a photo album and leave it on his bedside table one night.

‘I lay my heart at your feet’, write a love note with these words and hide it in a shoe or sock.

Complete a chore your husband dislikes like taking out the trash and then leave a note saying, ‘Let me do this for you today’.

Indulge your husband with breakfast in bed one Sunday morning and accompany the tray with a note saying ‘Give me a kiss and make my day’.

On a wet day when your husband comes home, give him a cup of steaming coffee with a note saying ‘You are my sunshine after the rains’.

On him gym bag, leave a sexy note saying, ‘Lets have our own private workout honey’.

While playing a card game with your husband, slip in a note saying ‘Wild Card, You Win!’

Fill up the gas in your husband’s car and leave a note saying, ‘Now let’s have out fill of love and fun’.

Make a love coupon with the words, ‘One hour of chores – your choice’ and leave it in your husband’s briefcase.

Prepare a screensaver with the words ‘Loving you has made my world complete’ on your husband’s laptop or personal computer.

Wrap a love note around his cell phone saying, ‘I cannot go through a single day without knowing you love me too – call me when you’re free’.

Arrange a bowl of flowers on his bedside or work table and leave a note saying, I worship you as the sunflower follows the sun.

Write down the words, ‘You have the keys to my heart’ and tie or thread in the note to his key-chain.

‘Love makes the world go around’, tape this note on the windscreen of his car.

Leave a note saying ‘your love lights up my world’ on the sun visor of your husband’s car and once he flips it open, he is sure to find it.

In the microwave leave a note saying ‘Dinner out tonight – my treat’.

Before your husband goes in to shower, pop in and write on the mirror with an old lipstick, ‘Hey handsome, you look sexy today’.

Make him a love coupon which says ‘One cuddle free with ten kisses – offer expires tonight!’

Buy your husband’s favorite bottle of massage lotion and tape a note on it saying, ‘One hour of pure bliss, whenever you want’.

‘I desire you like no woman has desired before or will hereafter’. Write down these passionate words and leave them on his pillow.

Order in your hubby’s favorite pizza but be sure to receive it from the delivery boy so that you can lip in a love note saying something like, ‘I am glad we are together’.

A love note saying, ‘Your love inspires me to do things I had never imagined I was capable of’.

‘Your love is like a flame which lights up my path’. – leave a note with this message on his flashlight.

Look for your husband’s favorite wine bottle in the cabinet and tape the words on it saying, ‘People say how happy I look but they don’t know it’s all because of you’.

On his fishing tackle box, leave a message saying, ‘the moment our eyes met, I knew I was caught’.

Alternately you can tape a love note on your husband’s work bench with maybe words like ‘My heart skips a beat every time I see you’.

Bake your husband’s favorite cake and use icing to write ‘You make my day’.

Get him a flowering potted plant and attach a love note ‘you make life bloom with love’.

Leave a bright red envelope where your husband usually parks the car after coming home and inside it, put in a note saying, ‘Welcome back, my darling’.

Keep a few of his things topsy-turvy in the wardrobe and leave a love note saying ‘You have turned up world upside down’. However be sure to re-arrange everything afterwards.