Cute Nicknames for Girlfriends


Women often complain about a lack of intimacy with their partners – while boyfriends may be willing for a quickie anytime, emotional intimacy is much harder to nurture. But one of the very simple ways you can build a special bond with a girlfriend is by calling her with a name that is only you two know about. Using an affectionate nickname for your partner will not only deepen the intimacy between you two but make her feel very special indeed. And here are some options you can choose from.


For women, there is nothing like being called ‘Gorgeous’ or ‘Beautiful’ to lift their spirits up. She is after all the most attractive woman in your eyes and even if your girlfriend knows that she is no Mila Kunis, it feels good to be thought of at least by one man in the world. So the next time you ring up your girlfriend to say Good Morning, begin with the words Hi Gorgeous and you will be surely making her day.

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Baby Doll

If you wish to play up the feminine aspect of your girlfriend, go ahead with nicknames like Baby Doll, Doll face and Cup Cake . These names have been around for quite a while and are quite popular since women don’t mind being thought of as cute and pretty by their boyfriends. Kitten is another variation on this theme, but if your girlfriend is a dog person and if she doesn’t do the flutter-your-eyelashes feminine thing, then it is best to consider other names.

Cutey Pie

If you wish to go still heavier on the cute quotient, go for nicknames like Sugar Plum, Sugar Cake, Lamb-chops and Cutey Pie. These are especially suitable for women who like to be pampered in a relationship and are actually looking for a father-figure in a boyfriend. Even in a well-balanced relationship, you can still go ahead and call your partner Sweetums, Sweet Pea, Honey Bunch or Honey Bunny for those moments when you feel dizzy with love and believe God never created anyone more perfect that your girlfriend.

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Angel Eyes

This is a great nickname for you are looking for something that sounds adoring without sounding as condescending as in some names. While Angel Eyes can refer to a woman’s pretty serene beauty, Peaches and Buttercup can be compliments to a perfect complexion or even to the fact that you like it when she blushes a lot. These are all cute pet names that are perfect for women who like to be complimented while going easy on the mush factor.

Pumpkin Pie

Nicknames like Pumpkin Pie and Cuddle Bug are great for girlfriends who love snuggling up to you. You can even use these names for girls who are on the plumper side and are proud of their bodies – and why not since there is all the more to love. However test the waters first since some women may jump to the conclusion that references to a big and orange vegetables mean that you think she is fat.   


Calling a girlfriend Sexy, Bombshell or Hot Bod may work in some cases, especially for women who like their sexual attractiveness being played up. However for others, this may cause some discomfort since such nicknames really objectify a woman and bring the entire personality down to the level of the physical. More commonly, such nicknames are simply embarrassing in public. Even then you can use these during special moments of physical intimacy when girlfriend would love hearing how much you find her attractive and desirable.

Ma Cherie

While ‘My Love’ and ‘My Life’ in English make for romantic terms of endearment, the same phrases in another language can in fact make for some great nicknames for girlfriends. So the next time you are meeting your girlfriend on a date, use the words Ma Cherie or Mi Amore as you sweep her in your arms or wake her up in the morning by whispering 'My pretty Babushka' in her sea-shell like ear. The very novelty and exoticism of a foreign language can go to transform plain phrases into fantastic terms of endearment.


If you find conventional nicknames for girlfriends too sappy for your or her liking, how about using abbreviations of her formal name for nicknames. Thus if your girlfriend is called Deborah, you can use Debbs or Debbie – likewise Kate for Catherine, Maggie for Margaret or Suzy for Susan. However not everyone likes their names being shortened and sometimes abbreviations can have less than flattering connotations too. Thus shortening a feminine name as Josephine to Jo might not work if your girlfriend does not like being thought of as a tomboy. Or other abbreviations may have been used for political and film personalities which your girlfriend may not be comfortable with.

Based on physical traits

Nicknames based on physical traits has long been common but they are only appreciated when the connection is positive. For instance you may call your girlfriend Snow-drop or Sugar Lips as compliments to her alabaster complexion or luscious lips. However nicknames such as Blondie are no longer used for women with golden hair, primarily due to the negative association of blondes with stupidity – yet another characteristic of the misogyny that underlines popular humor.

Based on personality

A far safer option is to use nicknames for your girlfriend which are a compliment to her personality and accomplishments. For instance if she is happy and optimistic kind of person, calling her Sunshine and Starburst will not only make her very happy but be quite appropriate too. On the other hand if she is the energetic, effervescent sort, peppermint might make a good nickname. Likewise you can come up with nicknames to refer to a girlfriend’s accomplishments for instance for a good dancer you can call her Twinkle toes or Tinker bell. Or create abbreviations if you wish to play up a particular aspect of her personality – like using the nickname Tech-Queen for a girlfriend who is a wizard with computers.

Nicknames are a great way of enhancing intimacy and bonding in a relationship. While searching for the ideal pet name for your girlfriend, only make sure that you do not choose something that is in bad taste or has a personal history of negative associations for her.