Dating Ideas for over 40 Couples


Bungee-jumping and hair-raising rides at theme parks do not make the best date ideas for forty couples for obvious reasons. At the same time dates need not be short on fun and excitement if you are forty-plus and looking to spend an enjoyable evening with your date. Here are some date ideas for over forty couples which traverse a range of interests from the casual to the cultural and even romantic.

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Opt for a dinner date

Among the most traditional of date ideas, dinner dates continue to be a favorite among couples, especially older ones who are reluctant to brave freezing temperatures while walking under the stars or risk a dislocated hip by attempting sky-diving. Apart from the sensual feast that a fancy meal entails, the sheer versatility of the dinner date ensures that you can customize it to the level of your dating relationship. If you have just met and you want to create a rock-solid impression, a date at a fine dining destination is unlikely to go wrong. For a more casual experience however you can ask your partner to pick out a place since almost everybody has a favorite dining destination where the food, ambience or music is exactly how they like. For a more romantic occasion, a candle-light dinner may be just the thing. And the best part of this idea is that it can be arranged as easily at your place as at any restaurant. Finally if you are keen on making yourself appear spouse-material, what better way than to invite your date to a full-fledged dinner at home that you have cooked yourself?

Out on a boat

For a really unusual experience, how about combining the pleasures of a boat ride with romance of a dinner date? You might need to do a bit of planning for this one, for example like hiring a boat in advance and if required, getting permission from the necessary authorizes for boating on a lake or the sea at night. After you have taken in the sights, you can drop anchor for dinner and then have your food, accompanied by the soft rocking of the boat on water. Just ensure that either of you is competent enough to handle a boat in the dark. If not, it would be a far better idea to hire a professional – it might hinder your privacy a bit but then nothing is worth risking both your lives and safety.

Soak in the culture

A visit to your city museum or art gallery can be just the thing to help you and your date know each other, away from all the noise of a bar or nightclub where you can barely hear yourself, much less your partner. Browsing through a museum need not be as dreary as it sounds since there are all sorts you can choose from before planning a visit. There are museums dedicated to as diverse subjects as jewelry, musical instruments, ancient books, aircrafts and even to masks and UFOs. Likewise, art galleries these days put up exhibits related to glass, metal, mixed media besides the usual paintings and sculptures. Find out what best attracts your partner and your date night might be one to remain in his/her memory for a long time to come.

Put on your dancing shoes

For those who love to boogie, a dance night can make for a great dating idea which in fact can be as casual or as exclusive as you like. If you both would like to be part of a larger group of friends, look for dance nights at your local pub where you are most likely to bump into other familiar couples however if you both like your voices as well as feet expressing your love for music, look for a nice karaoke bar and perform a duet in front of a cheering audience. Better still sign up for a dance class with your date and you can be sure of a rollicking time with each other.

Attend a concert

For couples who are music lovers but do not fancy themselves trotting all over the dance floor, there is little that can be as enjoyable as attending a concert together. If classical music is what moves you, get tickets to an operatic performance and enjoy Mozart pouring his heart out in symphony 40 in G minor; on the other hand if you wish to revive the sounds of your youth, look for U2 or Rolling Stones tour in your town and sing out loud to one another.

Movie night

For older couples who prefer a more sedate option for a date yet do not wish to miss out on the thrills of pop culture, a movie night could make for a perfect date. There are two options in this one. If you and your date are just getting to know each other, you could go out for a movie in an upscale theater on your next date. This is will give both of you a chance to dress up and have a special evening in each other’s company. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable or casual option, you could plan a movie night in your own home. Rent a DVD which you both like, preferably a romantic classic, prepare some popcorn and get cozy under the blanket or on the couch.

Explore the outdoors

If you are lucky to have a spell of good weather in your town or city, make full use of it by heading for the outdoors; even if you are do not feel up to strenuous hiking or mountain climbing common among younger couples, there are a whole range of activities you can plan for a date. You and your partner can hires bikes and go for a ride along the countryside. For an even lazier date, simply put together a picnic basket and head for the nearest public park. If the date gets a tad boring, feed the ducks or play Scrabble. On the other hand, if you want to make the event a little more special and you have your own car, take your date to a nice garden which may require an entry fee but is more likely to have formal features like an arbor, hot house for tropical plants and  water features like fountains and lakes. Strolling through these pretty surroundings would make for a lovely time while keeping the date casual and comfortable.