50 Printable Love Coupon Ideas


Love coupons are one of the best ways to jazz up a romantic relationship. You can either use them as gifts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or simply to tell your loved one how much he/she means to you. Best of all, you can also use them yourself to seek a little lovin’ and indulgence from your beloved. Here are Fifty Printable Love Coupon Ideas which are guaranteed to bring a big smile on your own or your partner’s face.


Two orders of your favorite pizza tonight.

One whole day of pure indulgence at the spa.

Free Offer of doing the dishes for one week.

One romantic Sunday afternoon at the park.

One Warm Hug with two kisses thrown in Totally Free.

A treat of hot fudge sundae at your ice cream parlor.

One VERY sensuous full body massage.

One home cooked dinner with dessert Completely Free.

One Saturday night on the town with Free chauffeur service.

A Dozen half-opened buds of your favorite flowers.

Half an Hour of relaxing foot massage after a particularly grueling day.

Your choice of movie tonight.

A Luxurious bubble bath with some romantic music thrown in Totally Free.

One Breakfast in Bed on Sunday Morning with two ten-second kisses Completely Free.

15 minutes of Backrub on a weeknight.

One shopping spree worth $100 - with an option of the services of your very own style consultant Absolutely Free.

One Whole Day of Golf - Free from any subsequent sulkiness.

One Friday cocktail evening of Wine and Cheese with romantic conversation thrown in completely Free.

A Shoulder to cry on when things get quite bad at work.

Twenty minutes of sheer delight while stargazing into a vast night sky.

One pack of your favorite chocolates – free from all subsequent hints on weight-related matters.

One piece of jewelry under $250.

One night out with the girls/boys while I babysit.

A special night of dressing up and having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

One evening at a football game or any other sports event of your choice.

One carwash with a promise to fill up the gas tank - Totally Free.

One sleep-in on any morning of your choice.

A Friday Dinner at your favorite ethnic restaurant.

A day at your favorite apparel store while I mind kids.

Thirty seconds of pure unadulterated French kissing.

One Saturday night Dance at a favorite nightclub – with a slow romantic dance thrown in Absolutely Free!

Guaranteed fulfillment of your wildest fantasies in bed.

 Grocery Shopping for one weekend Completely Free.

Holiday Dinner with your family.

A long drawn-out Good Morning Kiss guaranteed to make your day.

Any three jobs you want done in the yard or garage.

An undisturbed sensuous bath for two.

One free offer of returning your library books/DVDs.

Dedicating a romantic song on your favorite radio music station.

A night of strip poker guaranteed to provide a wild time.

An erotic love letter hand written on scented paper.

One weekend getaway at any destination of your choice.

Half an hour of romantic cuddles anytime you want.

Ten minutes of silent and complete attention during an important talk.

A night of playing your favorite game.

A list of ten reasons why I love you.

One quick trip to the store when you are out of aspirin.

A completely original love poem written just for you.

Any chore you want done for one whole week.

Fifty kisses with a whole lot of loving thrown in Absolutely Free.

The thing to remember about love coupons is that they should be tailored around whatever is pleasing to your partner. This is not to say that you cannot use some of them yourself to be redeemed from your beloved! Finally the whole idea is to shower on each other those moments of love and pure giving which form the basis of any truly romantic relationship.