10 Most Romantic Places in California


California has no dearth of romantic haunts. From golden beaches to spectacular city panoramas, the Golden state has romantic hotspots featuring natural scenery as well as world class recreation and culture. A major cause for its popularity as rendezvous for lovers is its mild climate.

These are ten of the most romantic places in California:

  1. The San Francisco ferry building

    This building is a terminal for ferries in the San Francisco bay. It is a market place and also has office buildings. Right at the top of the building is a clock tower -245 feet tall with four clock dials, each of which is 22 m in diameter. This can be seen from Market Street, a thoroughfare of the city. The building was designed by the New York architect A. Page Brown in the Beaux Arts style in 1892 and was completed in 1898. By the time of its opening, it was the largest and most exclusive project embarked in the city up till then. Brown designed the clock tower based on the 12th-century Giralda bell tower in Seville, Spain, and the total length of the building on both frontages is based on an arched arcade. The beautiful building is a must visit for  lovers exploring San Francisco.
  2. Shop in Hayes Valley

    There is enough in Hayes valley to keep you occupied during the day and forget about the world outside. The African outlet showcases African knick knacks like beads, jewelry, masks etc. Alabaster is a lovely shop full of home furnishings and babies cater to tiny ones of the four legged variety (cats and dogs).Dark garden features lingerie and Flight 001 is ideal for travelers. Lavish is a shop for odds and ends, self described as retro with modern sensibility. The R.A.G. (Residents Apparel Gallery) features creations of over 70 bay area designers. Urban Knitting studio is a knitting showroom. Taste the chocolates at Christopher Elbow Artisanal chocolates which is a chocolate boutique and lounge.

  3. De Young Golden Gate park Museum

    De Young museum is a window to a magical world and one can travel to distant lands without stepping into an airplane. Thousands of artifacts from all round the world are on display here. Besides art and culture, couples can find a cafe, a garden of sculptures and a Japanese Tea Garden. There are three levels for the museum: Concourse level, Exhibition level and Upper gallery level. The new building covers an area of 292,000 square feet. Some of the activities you can share with your partner are: Check out the permanent collection of artifacts from all around the globe, buy a souvenir, check out the panoramic view of the city from atop the Hamon tower Observation floor, share a delightful meal at the café or reorganize a special event like a party in some portions of the museum and the park.
  4. Post Ranch Inn

    There is no better place for a quiet romantic getaway than this. It boasts of stunning coastal scenery and is nestled on the cliffs over the ocean. The cabins and cottages at Post Ranch Inn hang along a rocky-edged portion of Californian cliffs. These rooms made of recycled-redwood offer total privacy and you have for company nothing but soaring condors, breathtaking views, a wood-burning fire and starry nights. The only reason to emerge out of the wonderful seclusion will be for some delicious meals at Sierra Mar or a relaxing treatment at the spa.
  5. Carmel river beach

    If you are nature enthusiasts, this spot is for you.  It is a bird watcher's paradise. The base of the river made of wetlands are filled with filled with brown pelicans, gulls and a wide assortment of shore birds. When it is summer, the sea beach prevents the river from flowing into it, and thus it comprises a big "swimming pool" for the birds. If you want a pleasant ocean walk, park at Carmel city beach and walk the beach till the end at the Scenic road. The walk is around 1.5 miles.
  6. Mulholland Drive

    It is a road in the Eastern Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. It is named after William Mulholland, civil engineer and pioneer. It is the site of some of the most expensive homes in the world. They have a wonderful view of downtown Los Angeles. The road offers vistas of the Hollywood sign, downtown Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. It has an unpaved portion known as “dirt Mulholland” which is popular with horseback riders, hikers, and mountain bikers.
  7. Disney Land

    while basically Disney World is a spot for family adventure, it can also be a very romantic destination for couples celebrating love, like anniversary or birthday dates. Romantic activities include a massage or spa day at one of Disney land’s resorts, an evening stroll near Snow White’s wishing well, share a magical dinner at the Blue Bayou, view the spectacular fireworks at Disneyland, renew your wedding vows at any scenic spot in Disneyworld and dine at any of the exclusive Disney world restaurants such as Rancho de Zocalo.
  8. Dana Pont beaches, Orange County

    Along the Coast of Orange County, there are some spectacular beaches which are beautiful and secluded. Take a break from city life and walk down the beaches, feeling the sand on your feet and listening to the sound of waves.
  9. Gondola rides in Newport Beach

    Take a gondola ride that is remindful of the romantic gondolas of Venice. Newport Beach has private and romantic gondola rides with the beautiful bay as the backdrop. Propose to your loved one and celebrate with a champagne toast. Enjoy magnificent sunsets and delicious brunches. There are electrified Gondolas which are fully enclosed and canopied and the entire cruise covering the bay will take only two hours.
  10. Malibu Beaches

    Get ready to experience Malibu beach which is mostly the privilege of the rich and famous. Head for the Pacific Coast highway and don’t stop till you reach Malibu Beach Inn. It is located 25 miles due West from down town Los Angeles.