10 Romantic Vacation Getaways in the US

There is nothing like a vacation to renew the dimming embers of romance in your life. Whether spent in taking in beautiful sights or simply lazing away in the hotel room, a vacation not only allows you to spend quality time with your beloved but also to dream and make plans for the future together. So instead of breaking your bank on expensive foreign holidays, check out these ten vacation getaways that arecloser home and equally romantic.

  1. Kauai, Hawaii

    This Hawaiian getaway appears to be made for couples. Whether you are planning a honeymoon or simply eager to get some quiet time away from kids and housework, Kauai in Hawaii is sure to offer you ample opportunities to come close to your partner. You can choose from lounging on palm-fringed, silvery beaches or going horseback riding along the coast; for the adventurous sort, there are hiking trails along the Na Pali Coast as well as rainforests, cliffs and mountains to explore. Moreover you have an entire range of lodging options starting from hotels on secluded beaches to your very own private villa if you can afford one.
  2. San Francisco

    For urban couples looking for some shopping or eager to ‘do’ the cultural circuit, few places offer better option than San Francisco. Here a sun-drenched afternoon is a great time to walk hand-in-hand through vast shopping malls or browse through eclectic stores, boutiques and interesting neighborhoods. When here, don’t forget to set aside a couple of days for the winery tours of the Napa or the Sonoma valleys where you can not only spend a lovely day rambling through vineyards but also pick up some great reds and whites.

  3. Key West

    If you want a beach experience without getting off the mainland, how about heading for Key West in Florida. This destination is perfect for couples who lead ultra hectic lives in their own city and need a vacation simply to laze on the beach and relax together. While you can spend the day soaking in the sun, after evening you can check out fashionable dining places, trendy nightspots and maybe even set aside a day to browse through museums and historic sights.
  4. U.S Virgin Islands

    For those couples who want a foreign experience without the hassles of visas and overseas travel formalities, a great vacation option is the US Virgin Island where you don’t even need a passport to visit. And once here, you will be spoilt for choice of activities and islands. If you are interested in nothing but snuggling close to your beloved, then choose the secluded nooks of St Croix or the tranquil beaches of St John. And when you have had enough of lounging about, stretch your muscles with some adventure sports on St Thomas or hike through the Virgin Islands National Park. You could even fit in a tour of the Cruzan Rum Distillery if you are the ‘spirited’ sort.
  5. Savannah

    While Louisiana and New Orleans have been done to death, Savannah is still relatively peaceful and yet embodies the unmistakable personality of the American South. Here you can your partner can walk hand in hand through sidewalks where Spanish moss still hangs over and the ghost of ancient Southern belles and beaus still seems to echo through. Once you have taken in the sights of magnificent old mansions and historic public squares, it will be time for you both to chill out on the Savannah Riverfront  which has ample shopping, dining and nightlife opportunities.
  6. Santa Fe

    Desert getaways are not very often featured on romantic itineraries. But Santa Fe, located on top of a mesa, is sure to provide you and your partner with memories of a lifetime as you take in the sunset and stand transfixed by its myriad, changing colors both on the sky and reflected in the ocean. Apart from this fantastic visual experience, Santa Fe also enough outdoor activities  like biking, hiking and trekking. There is a thriving arts district as well, where the two of you can pick a piece to commemorate your romantic vacation.
  7. Charleston

    For history buffs, few places hold as much charm and character as Charleston. Apart from embodying the old-world Southern atmosphere, Charleston has enough cultural and culinary attractions to satisfy all aspects of your palate. Once you have taken in the majestic eighteenth century homes, historic sites and museums, it will be time to move on to taste succulent Southern dishes. Also you will be spoilt for choice on your accommodation – you can choose to stay at secluded resorts on the beach or live like nobility at the historic inns.
  8. Fort Lauderdale

    Known as the Venice of America, this city is ideal for couples who are looking to spend some quality time with each other amidst sunny environs. You can hire a water taxi and sail with your sweetheart on the 185  miles of smooth canals that this place is famous for. Alternatively you can simply stroll with your beloved on the fashionable riverfront or the palm-lined beaches. Finally it is time to wrap up the evening with a delectable meal at one of its many fine-dining restaurants or shake a leg at an upscale disco.
  9. Smoky Mountains

    For those of you addicted to the crisp, pine-scented mountain air, a vacation to the Smoky Mountains can be a memorable one. Here you can hike through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or simply rent a log cabin and get cozy with your beloved. Wide vistas of evergreen forests, valleys carpeted with flowers and amazing views make this one of the most popular destinations to get married in the US.
  10. New York City

    The Big Apple figures on the list of romantic getaways because of the sheer number of activities it offers to its couples. If you are the cultural sort, catch a Broadway show with your beloved or go for a tour of several world renowned museums which are housed in NYC. For those with resources and elegant tastes, fine-dining in Michelin-starred restaurants is not to be missed when in New York City. Alternately take in the sights like Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park or stroll though several quaint neighborhoods in the different boroughs.