Honeymoon in Alaska


Honeymoon in Alaska

Alaska – Location

Alaska is the largest state of the US and only one of two U.S. states which not bordered by another state. Alaska is situated in the northwest of North America with British Columbia to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Arctic Ocean to the north. More than ninety languages are spoken in Alaska. Alaska offers the unique advantage of a honeymoon with a difference. It is an unspoiled land of rugged beauty with its glaciers, lakes and majestic mountains. You enjoy the wonder of long days lasting till midnight. If you visit in summer and you're in the mood for some adventure, you can take in the stark and stunning beauty of winter and its wildlife. Whichever you choose, you're in for a rare experience and a great adventure.

How to get there

For honeymooners from the United States, flying in to Alaska is convenient, with major cities a short flight from Seattle. Anchorage or Fairbanks, the two largest cities, as well as Juneau, the capital, all have international airports. Another popular choice is to take an Alaskan cruise combined with a land tour. Within Alaska you can opt for local air services or charters, seaplanes, a drive along the Alaska Highway (though you must take into account that distances are significant), rail travel on the Alaska Railroad or a ferry boat.

Best time to visit

The most popular season for travelers and honeymooners in Alaska is between May and September. The weather tends to be dry and favorable in May and in the summer months following, with long hours of daylight and lush foliage. September affords honeymooners the chance to experience a glorious fall in all its blazing colors with the trees displaying brilliant shades of yellows and reds. The traveler must keep in mind the terrain, and sturdy comfortable shoes are a must. It is also important to be prepared for any eventuality and carry a jacket, raingear, gloves and maybe even a sweater and socks, as nights can get chilly.

Alaska - Major cities and places of interest


Anchorage, located in south central Alaska, is the largest city here with more than two-fifths of the population. For honeymooners with a historical bent of mind there is the historic Anchorage Hotel, the Anchorage Museum of History and Art and the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. In addition, those who love nature and would like to soak in the culture and traditions of Alaska can check out the Alaska Botanical Garden with its varied plant species or the Alaska Native Heritage Center that displays the rich culture and traditions of its natives. Anchorage also hosts an annual event, the Fur Rendezvous Festival, generally held from February to Marcha carnival of sorts with sports and entertainment activities.


Fairbanks, the second largest city in Alaska also offers a variety of entertainment and touristy options for honeymooners looking for something different. Right from the El Dorado Gold Mine and Gold Dredge No. 8 which offers the unique chance to pan for gold, to the Alaskaland Pioneer Park, a theme park, the Dog Mushers Museum, Georgeson Botanical Garden, Large Animal Research Station or taking in the sheer pleasure of scenic viewing by cruising along the Steese Highway, Eagle Summit or taking a Riverboat Discovery Tour or the McKinley Explorer. It also hosts the Fairbanks Ice Art Competition and the Golden Days in July to commemorate the gold rush days.