Georgia family vacations



The most popular attraction near the Atlanta metro is the Stone Mountain Park. It is the perfect place to see the forest and the largest piece of granite in the world. It covers an area of 3200 acres, which has countless hiking trails and streams. Man-made attractions include a Living History Village, a 4-D theatre, an entertainment complex, a scenic railroad, ski lift, a riverboat, an antebellum plantation and shops and restaurants.

On the mountain of granite is the Confederate Memorial carving, which is the world’s largest relief sculpture and depicts confederate heroes. Stone Mountain is a Georgia state park but operated by private enterprise. The park also boasts an antique car museum and a tree-house challenge for children. The Duck Adventure ride involves riding an amphibious World War 2 vehicle, part truck and part boat.

Some of Atlanta’s other family attractions include the following spots and events:

Located in Atlanta’s historic West End is The Wren’s Nest, the Victorian home of Joel Chandler Harris, creator of Brer Rabbit and Uncle Remus (popularized by Disney). Uncle Remus museum, located in Turner park, depicts all the characters of the Uncle Remus stories.

Georgia Aquarium

It may become Atlanta’s premier family attraction spot. While all the marine life may intrigue the kids, there are special displays just for them.

Center for Puppetry Arts

Kids thoroughly enjoy themselves when puppeteers produce enchanting stories for all ages. This is one of the largest centers for the art of puppetry in the United States. They have a wonderful collection of puppets to educate, enlighten and entertain adults and children alike. They also hold puppet-making workshops. There are ongoing shows like 'Through the Looking Glass' and 'Snow Queen'.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

It is a gateway to discovery and exploration and depicts the story of the origin and evolution of life on earth, environment and human culture. It showcases some of the largest dinosaurs of the world. The Naturalist Center runs educational programs for rock and pebble enthusiasts. A pre-arranged program called ‘Ask a Geologist’ allows you to show rocks that you have collected with a qualified geologist. There are many such interactive programs for the whole family.

The Michael C. Carlos Museum at the local Emory University showcases art, culture and history sure to enthrall children and adults. They have the largest collection of ancient art in the South East as well as Sub-Saharan African Art. They organize workshops for children, like the African Art Festival.

Atlanta Zoo

It is located in Grant Park and it is the residence of the zoo mascto Willie B. Junior, the gorilla. The 5-acre African rainforest habitat provides lots of adventure and excitement for children. There are facilities to camp overnight at the zoo and get more familiar with the animals.

Make your own paper

The Institute for Paper and Science technology attracts people of all ages. It has a collection of over 10,000 watermarks, papers, tools, machines etc. Guided tours and hands-on paper making workshops make it an interesting trip.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

This makes a serene outing. It has a charming and cleverly planned children’s garden area noted for its display of huge caterpillars. Children will love the tree houses or the Indian Creek garden.

Sci Trek

It is the official Challenger learning center where kids learn about mission control as well as space station activities. It has over 150 hands-on exhibits for kids. A popular exhibit is the Virtual Village, which showcases software technology. Kidspace has activities for kids.

World of Coca Cola

This center, dedicated to the cola drink, allows kids to savor the different colas sold around the world.

The King Center

Preserves the legacy of Martin Luther king. And keeps his dream alive through active community service programs.

CNN Study Tour

This takes you on a tour around the renowned 24-hour news channel, founded by Ted Turner, that beams news around the world.

The Margaret Mitchell house

Home of the author of "Gone with the Wind." Today it houses the Center of Southern Literature.

Tanglewood Farms

This is a miniature animal petting zoo in North Georgia which features hundreds of miniature animals including dwarf bunnies and miniature horses.

Georgia is a traveler’s paradise, full of summer frolic and winter fun. A family vacation in Georgia will be an unforgettable, enriching experience.