How to Turn On A Man - Tips and Advice for Women


A mutually satisfying sex life is a major plus in any relationship. however in order to have one, it is not enough to be guided by emotions. Like any other skill, the art of giving pleasure to your guy is an acquired one which in fact gets better with practice. Here are a few tips on how to turn on a man and leave him gasping for more.

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Be a tease

Any expert on the art of seduction will tell you that the secret in turning on a man is to hide more than you reveal. Acting like a tease may not be the thing to do in these politically correct times but if you want your man to come begging for love, make sure you give him just the briefest glimpse of the pleasures that lie in store. You could do this in the early stages of dating by flashing your cleavage for a fraction of a second. Or if you are in a relationship and have invited your boyfriend to dinner at your place, let him know there is more after the dessert by licking the chocolate mousse off the spoon in a suggestive manner. The ground rule for carrying off a successful tease is to allow your guy to see or even feel but not touch so that he knows what awaits him and is thus left asking for more.

Appeal to his sense of music

In all the talk about the importance of visual and tactile stimulation for men, the effect of music is often ignored.  highly underrated though it may be, music can in fact be a huge turn on for a guy when it is of the kind he prefers and is accompanied by other sensual delights. So play something you know your boyfriend really adores. If it is soft rock, invite him to a slow dance with you or if it is Latino, do the spicy salsa routine and then see if he isn’t ready to get horny with you.

Kiss him right

Kissing is often the first physical step to getting intimate and how you do this will go a long way in getting your guy ready for the fireworks. Start with pressing your lips gently to his and savor the shape and texture of his mouth. If you feel your partner getting heated up, like breathing heavy or wrapping his arms around you, let the kiss go a little deeper. Use your tongue to outline his lips and then explore the inside of this mouth. If you both are enjoying this, then you can go ahead and even use your teeth to graze on his lips, thus giving him a taste, literally, of what is yet to come.

Be the one to initiate sex

This alone can be a major turn on for most men. being desired by their partners is not only the source of a powerful positive feeling for men but also a big boost for the male ego. At the same time there is something about the ‘bold’ woman, confident of her sexual needs and not afraid to demand sex that a guy just cannot resist.

Talk dirty

For many men, dirty talk is also a huge turn on but women rarely feel comfortably indulging in it. If this is something you have not done before, read up or watch some erotic material beforehand and you will have a rough idea of the things that are usually said on such occasions. An easier alternative is to think of how immensely attractive you find your partner and simply verbalize it, for instance “hey, you look sexy in black” or “your cologne does some pretty crazy things to me”. Once you get comfortable doing this, think of the ways that you would like please your partner and say them aloud. In fact you do not need to talk like a porn star to talk dirty, just use sensual words to highlight your attraction for your partner and let your actions do the rest.

Striptease for your partner

Almost every woman who has found her partner furtively looking at porn knows that guys are more of visual creatures and are most quickly turned on by visual stimulation. So set up a little striptease for your partner and let this be his lucky day. The best thing about this performance is that it requires as little as a couple of chairs and some focus lighting for which you can use candles or a strategically placed bright lamp. Slowly take off your clothes, one by one, all the while moving your hand or an item like a tie or a feather boa down your throat or around your hips so that your guy imagines it’s his hand. Sit on the chair before him and tease him by running your fingers all over him. Finish by taking off the last items of your clothing and then sitting astride on him. By the time the show is over, your partner will be begging to let him take you.

Indulge in some role-play

Acting out a sexual fantasy of your partner is bound to give him a huge high. Consider what appeals to your man and set the stage accordingly. If your guy is partial to a fantasy involving a submissive partner, put on the uniform of a French maid and invite him to lord it over you. On the other hand, if the dominatrix thing is more his cup of tea, keep your leather and whip ensemble handy. Just keep in mind that whatever you do should be enjoyable and safe for both. Sexual fantasies are a significant part of adult sexual behavior and as long as they are mutually enjoyable, they can work wonders for your sex life.

Appeal to the male erogenous zones

Interestingly it is just not the male booty where you can touch your guy to turn him on. Focus on the other hot-spots of your partner like his scalp, his chest and back where you can dig your nails in, press and paw him into heights of ecstasy. The arm-pit is another highly erogenous part of the male body which many women don’t know about. Use your lips and tongue to play on his neck, lick into his ears and suck the tips of his fingers. In fact the latter will put him into the mood for oral and when you do give him the blowjob, he will have arrived at the point of no return.