How to Be More Attractive to Men?


Men are on the whole visual creatures – this is a claim that science has been making in recent times even though women expert in the art of seduction have known it for ages. And yet being attractive to a guy does not stop at looking beautiful or even having a luscious figure – it also includes the way to move, walk and talk when with him. Here are a few basics on being more attractive to men which may help you snag the date you have been long waiting for.

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Take care of the basics

Glowing skin and healthy hair have long been held up as some of the most attractive aspects in a woman. For the former, follow the basic cleansing and moisturizing routine everyday but also remember to exfoliate your skin regularly; if possible, apply a heavier cream at night so that your skin has enough moisture to go about its regenerative process. Apply a sunscreen if you have to go out since the UV rays in sunlight are one of the primary causes of skin damage over the years. To improve the quality of your hair, subject it to as little damage as possible, especially in the form of frequent styling like perming, straightening, highlighting, curling or braiding. Continue to use a mild shampoo to wash your hair and try to go for weekly warm oil massages to increase blood circulation to the roots of the hair follicles. If you have grays, you can use hair color don’t forget to follow it up with a deep conditioning so that the damage done to the hair cuticle by chemicals is repaired to some extent. Above all follow a healthy lifestyle like taking a nutritious diet and working out regularly. These will not only give you a youthful glow but keep your body weight in check and give it a well-toned look. Once you take care of all the basics, you will start looking beautiful at all times, including when you come across men who you wish to know better.

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Learn to apply makeup

Though glowing skin and hair are the best accessories to beauty, they cannot be achieved overnight. And while you are at it, there is always makeup to give that extra edge to what nature has endowed you with. However don’t experiment with makeup on the very day that you want to look your best for a guy or you are meeting men at say a speed dating event. Learn how to use it beforehand and you can do this by picking up tips from reputed magazines, websites or from your personal stylist. Foundation, eye-liners, blush, mascara and lipstick are some of the essentials that you might get used to. Then there are items like concealers, glitter, fake eyelashes or bronzers to give you that extra special touch. Indeed today there are so many makeup products on the shelves that you are sure to find something to help you look your best.

Choose your wardrobe with care

A woman’s personal style is an essential part of her attractiveness quotient. But instead of following the dictates of the fashion runway, opt for clothes which highlight your best features while drawing the attention away from your negative ones. In fact when trying to appear attractive to guys, it may be a better idea to avoid dresses which are too revealing. Rather go for fabrics and lines that exude a sensual appeal but don’t show too much skin. You can even play around with layers and drapes to give a dreamy, romantic look to your appearance. Even if you are aiming to look hot, this approach will work better that to turn up in a dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. After all when you meet a guy, you want to look like the woman of his dreams and not a hooker.

Perfect the Monalisa smile

This implies the kind of half-smile that the model of one of the world’s most famous portraits wears. It is enigmatic as though tempting the viewer to find out more about her and yet at the same time, it is not a full toothy grin which would take away any mystery. Equally importantly is how and when to smile at a guy; wait till you catch his eye and then smile in a way that displays interest without appearing dorky. It could be a half-smile or just a shadow of a smile turning up one corner of your lips – the specifics are up to you but it should be attractive and tantalizing enough to hold the guy’s attention.

Keep your voice soft

In order to appear intrinsically attractive, it is not just enough to look the part. Your voice and words also play an important role in this matter. When you want to meet guys, you normally begin by striking up a conversation. Engage in some small talk and encourage a guy to participate. You can even laugh at his not-so-funny jokes but don’t make it a loud or coarse guffaw. Rather giggle slightly or come up with a gentle tinkling laugh. Whatever be the specifics, if you wish to appear attractive,, then keep your voice soft and endearing, as if inviting him to say more.

Convey it with your body language

Non-verbal forms of communication are extremely important in attracting men to you. When talking to the guy, lean slightly towards him and sit with your palms or feet facing him. You could also play with your hair or an earring and stroke your earlobes as you do it. These instances of personal touching draw attention to your body and send out the signal that you wish him to reach out to you similarly. Don’t forget to smile a lot and look pleased if he happens to check you out.

Display an interest

At the same time though you need to reach out in a verbal manner to come off as truly irresistible. While chatting with the guy, ask him about your hobbies, likes and dislikes in music, movies and food. Display your curiosity about his family, where he went to school and even what he usually has for breakfast. All these are little ways of making him feel special and a woman who makes a guy feel this way will always remain in his mind.

Flirt a little

It is all very well for an Ice-maiden image to work in fiction or movies but in real life, it may be necessary at times to send out a few physical signals to highlight your powers of attraction. When interacting with a guy, look for ways to touch him more often than what friends do or to tip-toe into his personal space. You could lean a mite too close to see what he is reading or lightly touch his wrist to look at the time on your watch. You can also brush against him light when you are walking together or laughingly poke you in the ribs at a joke. In fact you can make yourself appear attractive to a guy when you are apart too. For instance call him to tell him something you saw that reminded you of him. Mail him or text him to forward a humorous message or a joke. All these signs of subtle flirtation will inflame his imagination and unfold a world of possibilities, making you appear irresistible.