How to Make a Man Fall in Love with you


Catching the attention of a guy is not really the same thing as making him fall in love with you. There is a world of difference between the two – and not merely in terms of commitment. Being in love implies a purer desire to give and always be there for the person in your heart. Though Love is not anybody’s to command, still here are a few ways which can help you make a man feel that way for you.

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Brush up your appearances

Though poets have cried hoarse in the power of Love to look beyond the superficial, there is no denying the fact that appearances have a role to play. So if you are keen to make a guy look anew at you or wish to guide Cupid’s bow right to his heart at the first instance, you need to brush up your looks. Apart from following the basics of grooming like having neat hair, teeth, nails and a fresh fragrance, make sure that your personal style hides your flaws and highlights your best features. Follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your body fit and toned. You need not break your bank in overhauling your wardrobe but choose clothes and accessories that flatter your face and figure. Looking your best will not only make a guy go weak in his knees but give you a confidence which is highly attractive in itself.

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Show interest

Man is a vain creature and perhaps the easiest way to making a guy feel special is to show interest in who he is and what he does since this in turn will encourage him to develop a serious connection with you. So ask him about his work and hobbies and what he likes about them. Once you get going, also lead him to share his aspirations for the future or what he would like to if he has enough time and resources. You may be surprised to find that a guy comfortable with striking deals in the corporate world also dreams of exploring rainforests in Malaysia someday. While you may ask about his family, be careful of probing too deep since not everyone is comfortable about talking about their childhood. At the same time though learn to listen well - hold back your conversation once he begins to speak. If you keep going on about what you think of him and his interests or worse, keep bragging about your own achievements, he is likely to be put off by your behavior. Rather, listen actively and without interruptions to what he has to say and give your feedback at the appropriate moment.

Share something special about yourself

While it is flattering for a man to find his partner interested in his likes and dislikes, don’t let it be a one-way affair. Share some of your own experiences and interests – what kind of music you listen to or where you hope to own a beach house someday. Make it a point to highlight a special interest or pursuit which you are good at or about which you know a good deal. This will add on to your physical charms and give evidence of a deeper personality. He may already like you for the person you are, but to completely make him fall for you, you have to let him know that there are other dimensions of your personality, equally attractive. Show off your talent and awe him with the things you can do, be it while playing a piano or stunning a tennis partner with your blink-and-you-miss serve. Give him a chance to see your talent and admire you for the awesome person you are.

Howver beware of revealing too much about yourself – few things turn off a man as quickly as a woman who goes on and on about herself. Instead a bit of mystery or some reserve is useful for making a man fall in love with you. Share enough about yourself to allow him a delicious glimpse into your personality but hold back enough to make him all the more eager to be with you.

Pay compliments

Everyone loves an ego boost so paying a sincere compliment  - or two – to a guy can be a great way of endearing yourself to him. if you think your guy smells nice, compliment on his choice of a cologne but don’t point out the mark it has left on his cream-colored shirt. Likewise praise his selection of wine when you are out at a fancy dinner and invite him to tell you more about his taste in fine spirits. The idea is to make a guy feel good about himself when he is with you so that he looks forward to be with you again.

Avoid negativity

Talking about a failed relationship or your miserable experiences with men in the past is one of the worst mistakes you can make when trying to make a guy fall in love with you. You may be tempted to make him feel sorry for you and thus evoke caring feelings from but that will actually imply pity which can never be a substitute for love. For the same reason also refrain from discussing your financial woes and what a hard time you are having paying up the mortgage. Though this is not to mean that being in love is only about having good times together, but it is important to keep your interactions as pleasant as possible - at least in the earlier stages when you are trying to make a guy fall in love with you. So keep your sob stories for a close friend or your therapist; instead appear positive and happy when in his company and he will feel all the more happy with you – an important symptom of being in love.

Finally don’t be easily available. No matter how attractive and talented you know you are, you need to make yourself slightly out of reach in order to let the other person realize your worth. So try to skip an occasional date now and then; don’t always drop off everything else to take his calls. Likewise, you don’t always have to accept what the guy says or do what he wants to do. Sometimes, a minor disagreement can pique his interest and make him respect for who you really are. Above all, men love the thrill of a chase – indeed they take time to fall in love, but when they do, they fall hard in love.