The 10 Types of Women Men Find Attractive


Since every man is different, it is only expected that the ideal image of a woman would also differ from one guy to another. One man's meat is another man's poison. Here are the ten kinds of women that men are attracted to.

  1. The delicate beauty

    She is the flower that blooms only in the shade of a large, shady tree – too much sun or too harsh a wind and she will wilt. This woman has a frail and feminine charm that brings out all the protective instincts in a man – she will bat her long lashes and her partner would be ready to do anything for her – starting from fixing her dishwasher to buying her a diamond ring to propose with. Such women are soft-spoken, graceful in their demeanor and usually content to be taken care of by a man. And while the damsel-in-distress act may get a tad boring after a while, partners can take comfort in the thought that such women are unlikely to hit out with a frying pan or rush to throttle a guy during an argument.

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  2. The aggressive go-getter

    Radically opposed from the earlier type is the kind of woman who must reach the top and has the brains as well as the gumption to do so. Such women tend to come off as aggressive and intensely competitive but they are also highly successful, intelligent and exceedingly confident of their abilities – all major turn-ons for most guys. There is something about a bold, ambitious woman that guys find extremely challenging and thus attractive even though on the surface they may make snide remarks about her apparent unladylike ways and lack of feminity.
  3. The cool sophisticate

    A variation on the ambitious type, this kind of woman is exudes an air of sophistication but is really hard as nails from within. She is the type to host the most sought-after parties in town and is the toast of the highest cocktail circuit. When you meet her, you will be completely bowled by her class, elegance and ability to put you at ease; don’t underestimate her intelligence though for beneath that stylish makeup is a first rate brain working to evaluate your social and financial potential. She is the perfect partner if you enjoy entertaining friends and business contacts and if you are looking for a fashionable woman with refined tastes and the ability to spot a $150 Dom Perignon from a fake red.

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  4. The sexy siren

    She is the stuff that male fantasies are made of – with killer looks, gorgeous hair and a model-like figure, she is most often seen gracing the arms of rich and famous men. And with good reason too, since she is likely to be a high-maintenance woman, what with all those bills she runs up for salon treatments, fashion brands and expensive baubles. However if she plays her cards right, she can also graduate from mere arm candy to trophy wife. And for ordinary mortals, it is her very inaccessibility apart from her smoldering sex appeal that seems irresistible.
  5. The female geek

    As different from the above type as chalk is from cheese, the geek is proud of her brains even though she can be socially awkward at times. Painfully shy and commonly seen in specs, such a woman has a charm all of her own especially when you realize that she has fixed your computer virus and programmed your car DVD player – things which you still haven’t been able to figure them out in ages. Female geeks are that rare breed of women who are comfortable tinkering with laptops, gadgets and i-Pods and thus make great partners to bond over a mutual fascination for all things hi-tech.
  6. The sporty kind

    She is the woman who lives and breathes the outdoors. If you love hiking or biking, you can find in her the ideal partner who will not complain about her nails getting dirty or lack of hair-dryer in a campsite. Apart from these, she will make a great partner for tennis doubles and will always be game to tee off on weekend afternoons – a far cry from those woman who look upon your golfing gear as female competition. Apart from actively participating in sports, such a woman will also be a great date to take on matches playing your favorite team or game.
  7. The Bad Girl

    She takes all your money, she flirts with your friend right in front of you and makes fun of your hair in public. Yet when she gets up on the table, throws off her heels and gets swaying to the music, you want her more than ever – just like fifty other men who are watching her. She is just the kind of woman your mother warned about, but actually her lack of morals and inhibitions make her all the more irresistible. Probably because this kind of woman embodies in her lifestyle how you have secretly wished to live always but did not have the courage to follow.
  8. Maternal Mary

    This is the kind of woman who simply loves taking care of the men in her life. She will arrange their rooms, clean their closets and cook them wonderful dinners. And while such a woman is a treasure to have at home, be prepared for a gentle cluck-clucking when you leave muddy prints on the floor. Also after a while, it could quite difficult to feel sexual desire for a woman who is so intent on mothering you.
  9. Luscious Lolita

    This is woman who never quite grew up. She is a child at heart - playing silly pranks at you, running crazily along the hillside in her bare feet, asking you for impossible favors without batting an eyelid and because of all this, insanely difficult to resist. Sometimes you fall for her childish wiles and at other times you are fascinated by her uncomplicated way of seeing the world. Also part of the reason why a man find her irresistible is the fact that she encourages him to unleash his inner child – one who has disappeared in the face of adult duties and responsibilities.
  10. The Girl-next-door

    This is the kind of girl you have always wanted to take home to meet your parents. She is feminine without being clingy, self-assured minus the aggressive stance; and best of all attractive in a real, womanly way without looking as though she hasn’t eaten for a month. What she may lack in spunk and sex-appeal, she makes up for in her grounded nature and shared system of values. So while a relationship with her may not be one exhilarating experience after another, she is likely to make a good friend and partner for you as well as a loving mother to your kids.